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Asgard Dao V2

Asgard Dao V2

Asgard dao is a decentralized currency Reserve Protocol built on Binance smart chain. A community-owned decentralized financial infrastructure designed to facilitate growth and transparency

What is Asgard Dao ?

Stablecoins i.e. USDT or USDC have become an integral part of the Crypto atmosphere. They are used to store non-volatile value, allowing all of us to maintain the same amount of purchasing power daily. Unfortunately, this isn’t actually how the US Dollar works. Federal Reserve is managing US Dollars minting, but the fiscal policies are causing the depreciation of its currency. Hence, a Dollar today is more valuable than a dollar tomorrow.

For instance, if you are adding one volatile asset (i.e., like bitcoin) to your portfolio, you would be taking some systemic risk. But If you add Asgard into your portfolio, it can be a bridge to hedge high-profile assets (i.e., BTC, BNB, ETH) like USDT. Asgard game-changing difference is that it will break away from having to be pegged by the USD.

A question can arise in your mind, “are not all stablecoins in the market already doing that?”



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