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Artur Chaparyan

Artur Chaparyan

Stand-up comedian

Arthur Chaparyan was born in Moscow, as a child he studied at a school at the conservatory, but he did not choose the path of a musician, although everyone assumed that.

After school, Arthur entered the State University Higher School of Economics, but this path seemed to him a dead end. Chaparyan began to write jokes for KVN and perform jokes in bars.

Since 2013, Artur has been performing at Moscow open mics.

In 2017, Arthur created the Former Telegram channel with fictitious messages from his ex-girlfriend. The channel quickly gained immense popularity, and soon Chaparyan sold it for more than 1 million rubles.

In 2018, Artur received an invitation to perform in the Evening Urgant program, thanks to which he gained great popularity not only among his Internet subscribers, but also among the audience.

Today Artur is a resident of the Moscow Stand-up Club #1.

In 2019, Kirill became a member of the comedy TV show "22 Comedians" on the TNT4 channel.


November 29, 1993
Artur Chaparyan was born in Moscow.


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