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Arriva Shipping AS

Arriva Shipping AS

Arriva Shipping AS is a family-owned shipping company from Norway.

Operating since 1972

Arriva Shipping was founded in 1972 by Johannes Matre as a family-owned shipping company. Today the company is located with head office in Ølensvåg and branch offices in Stavanger and Gdansk.

Arriva Shipping owns and operates in total 8 selfdischarging dry cargo vessels ranging from 1,850 to 7,200 deadweight tons. The company also uses hired tonnage, from 5-10 vessels, either on T/C or on commision basis. The vessels operate mainly in Northern Europe.

Arriva Shipping offers Norwegian and European industrial and entrepreneurial businesses flexible and reliable maritime transport services.

The Group has about 130 employees and had a turnover of MNOK 359 in 2020. Typical cargos are concrete and asphalt aggregates, coal, coke, minerals, gypsum, timber/logs, salt, general cargo and project cargoes.

Arriva Shipping`s recruiting policy emphasizes the importance of quality and continuity among our officers and crew. In the future we will be in need of qualified employees in different departments onboard our vessels.




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February 13, 2015

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