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Armors is the team engaged in blockchain (contracts)security,and it is also a leading international blockchain security laboratory.

SCIT Automated Smart Contract Testing Framework, covering classic vulnerability cases.

Open source, free, continuous update, secure and reusable code.

Armors is committed to using the Haskell language to write a complete set of smart contract development frameworks, providing a comprehensive visual authoring environment and a complete writing specification for the underlying blockchain to call directly.

Behavior Characteristics analysis system Based on AI.

Smart contract monitoring and alarm system.

Community crowdsourced testing of DAPPs.

Armors offers year-round smart contract monitoring services, real-time analysis of contract events, problem detection and alerts.

Smart Contracts Upgrade.

Cross-chain migration.

Based on security anomalies, performance and other considerations, Armors provides systemic technical support tools such as contract upgrades and cross-chain migrations when project parties need to upgrade their contracts.


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