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Amit Wanchoo

Amit Wanchoo

Amit Wanchoo is director of Eaton Laboratories, the only pharmaceutical company of Kashmir, India.

Amit Wanchoo is director of Eaton Laboratories, the only pharmaceutical company of Kashmir, India.

Early life

Wanchoo was born in the city of Srinagar in Kashmir. He was brought during conflicts over the region, which has seen disturbance in last two decades, and has been victim of violence. His grandfather Shri. H.N. Wanchoo was assassinated by unknown gunmen in Kashmir.

Being from a minority Kashmiri Pandit community, many of whom migrated from Kashmir, his family stayed in the area. Amit has been an activist since his childhood and has contributed in bridging gaps between Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir.

Amit did his residency in oncology and was associated with various mental health outreach programs. He founded Rotary Club of Kashmir, that has actively worked in the field of health and literacy in Kashmir.

Amit has also contributed a lot to the field of art and music in Kashmir. Amit founded the first music band of Kashmir IMMERSION and made this band one of the uniting forces between people of different communities.

Wanchoo is also the CEO of SPACE COMMUNICATIONS, which is the prestigious event management company of Kashmir and also trains youngsters interested in pre and post production study.


Dr. Amit Wanchoo has been awarded prestigious fellowships and awards. Amit has been a PAUL HARRIS FELLOW by Rotary International, COMMON WEALTH FELLOW, YALE WORLD FELLOW, SIP SINGAPORE FELLOW, and YOUNG GLOBAL LEADER by World Economic Forum. He has also been selected as fellow at London School of Economics. In addition, he has been awarded nationally with prestigious awards. In 2010, he was awarded with the title "BRIDGING LIVES, HEALING HUMANITY" by Union Minister for Health Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad. Dr. Wanchoo got selected for fellowship in Global leadership and Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School in 2014.



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