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Linux distribution based on Debian Stable. It is comparatively lightweight and suitable for older computers, while also providing cutting edge kernel and applications, as well as updates and additions via the apt-get package system and Debian-compatible repositories. Since version 19 it comes in two init system flavours: sysVinit and runit.

antiX comes with default SpaceFM Desktop Environment (DE) built on top of GTK library and IceWM as a Window Manager.


antiX is available for IA-32 and x86-64 architectures, and comes in 4 versions:

Full, which installs a full range of applications (1.4 GB)

Base, which allows the user to choose their own application suite (800 MB)

Core, no X, cli-installer without encryption, which enables the user to have total control over the install (440 MB)

net, no X, cli-installer without encryption,which enables the user to have total control with no desktop environment by default (180 MB)

These four AntiX versions were joined by MEPIS in 2014, developed in cooperation with the MEPIS Community to form MX Linux. MX Linux uses Xfce as the default desktop environment, is based directly on Debian Stable, is highly stable and gives solid performance from a medium-sized footprint. As of November 2016, MX Linux is now listed as a separate distro on DistroWatch.


antiX is a Linux distribution, originally based on MEPIS, which itself is based on the Debian stable distribution. It initially replaced the MEPIS KDE desktop environment with the Fluxbox and IceWM window managers, making it suitable for older, less powerful x86-based systems. Unlike Debian, antiX does not use systemd. The releases of antiX are named after prominent left-wing figures, groups and revolutionaries.


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