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William Harvey

William Harvey

English physician

In 1588 he entered the Royal School at Canterbury, where he studied Latin. In May 1593 he was admitted to the King's College of Cambridge University, in the same year he received a scholarship in medicine, established in 1572 by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Harvey devoted the first three years of his studies to the study of "disciplines useful to the doctor" - classical languages, rhetoric, philosophy and mathematics. He was especially interested in philosophy. For the next three years, Harvey studied disciplines directly related to medicine. Sometimes there were anatomical demonstrations; the science teacher was obliged to do this every winter, and the King's College had permission to perform autopsies of executed criminals twice a year. In 1597, Harvey received a bachelor's degree, and in October 1599 he left Cambridge: according to the custom of schoolchildren of that time, he went on a five-year journey.


April 1, 1578
William Harvey was born in Folkestone.


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