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The Trander

The Trander

A Run-to-Earn protocol powered by The Trander ecosystem. $TRANDER is the token that moves our engine and helps in re-balancing life and wealth.

Change your running style to earn.

The Run-to-Earn protocol allows $TRANDER stakers to convert hours of running recorded in our mobile app’s built-in run tracker into BUSD, with Yield varying based on the amount of $TRANDER invested.

The Run-to-Earn protocol is a key component of our application that has the potential to transform the market when it comes to passive income and dividends.

The Run-to-Earn functionality was created to allow $TRANDER stakers to convert hours spent running as monitored by our integrated run tracker into native token incentives. Users may track when they run, how long they ran for, and how many tokens they earned at that time with the app's capabilities.

The Run-to-Earn protocol's financial incentives also serve the larger goal of raising awareness about the necessity of running, an often overlooked yet essential exercise. The Trander Ecosystem's major objective is to preserve consumers' overall well-being and health.

The growth of Play-to-Earn Gaming, Metaverse, and DeFi is the inspiration for Run-to-Earn. In this regard, we undertook a thorough examination of the numerous options and services that may be provided. This also applies to how we might introduce them in real life while bridging the gap between the virtual world and the Metaverse. You can use the Trander App to explore DeFi and Web 3.0 from a one location, rather than needing to download many apps. Users will have access to NFT and Cryptocurrency search, tracking, purchasing, and selling services. Using the Trander Ecosystem's protocol, stake and trade your assets safely and quickly using the Wallet.

$TRANDER will power the Trander Ecology, including incentives for holders in every facet of the platform's ecosystem. The $TRANDER token has been built with numerous strategies to provide holders with an appealing and long-term solution. It will be the sole money accepted on our site, and in the meanwhile, the community will get awards and incentives in $BUSD.

With the anticipated rise in income, our study leads us to the conclusion that there is a large market to capture in the Running Industry. We exploit two complementary and high-potential sectors by tying our solution to one of the most promising Blockchain Ecosystems. The amount of potential that our ecology is revealing is enormous. According to some of the world's most prestigious organizations, the Metaverse business is currently valued over $100 billion and is expected to grow to 1 to 3 trillion dollars in the next several years. As of Quarter 1 2022, the crypto market is worth $2 trillion, while the DeFi industry is valued more than $150 billion.

Based on DappRadar statistics for December 2021, a reasonable comparison point for $TRANDER is Axle Infinity, an NFT game platform with 106,000 active daily users and a weekly count of 302,000. In November 2021, Axle Infinity gathered in over $190 million in revenue from operational records. The market valuation was above $2.8 billion in Q1 2022. We are certain that Trander Ecosystem can capture a large market share in these industries thanks to our creative strategy and comprehensive solution.

Our Ecosystem has been created to be sustainable and flourish over time by being the first to innovate in that direction. Trander Ecosystem is firmly positioned as a potential top performer in the blockchain arena, thanks to the experience and competence of our core team. At the end of Phase 2 (see Roadmap), achieving a market cap that places us among the top cryptocurrencies is a very achievable aim. While we can't forecast what will happen in space, our team's knowledge will be there to assist and sustain our progress.


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