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ResMed Mobi

ResMed Mobi

Mobi portable oxygen concentrator from ResMed is lightweight and has a long battery life to offer portable oxygen therapy.

Mobi is a portably oxygen concentrator manufactured by ResMed for people who have been prescribed supplemental oxygen. Lightweight and with a long-lasting battery, it can help users stay active while on oxygen. Mobi filters air to concentrate oxygen, which is then delivered in individual doses when users inhale. Mobi works to sense a users inhalation for dosing. But, if a user's inhalation cannot be detected, Mobi commences automatic dosing. The dosing includes their Pulse-Wave technology to detect user's activity levels and switch between active and rest modes.

Mobi weighs 5.5 lbs and is designed to be carried. It comes with two bag options: the carry bag comes standard with Mobi, while a Mobi backpack can be purchased separately. Mobi is designed to be stored and used in a carry bag. The carry bag protects Mobi from dirt, weather and spills, and helps keep dust away from the inlet vents.

The Mobi features a touch-screen and easy-to-read controls displaying battery life and oxygen delivery frequency as well.


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