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Kazantseva Asya

Kazantseva Asya

Книга Аси Казанцевой. Oсновныe биологическиe ловушки, которые мешают нам жить счастливо и вести себя хорошо

According to Asya's prescription, she is a neuroscientist (Faculty of Biology at St. Petersburg State University + MA in Cognitive Sciences at HSE), a science journalist by profession. From 2008 to 2015, she worked as an editor in various popular science media (“Progress” on Channel Five, the site “Science and Technologies of Russia”, “Program for the Future” on Science 2.0, the magazine “Health”) and wrote articles about science and its popularization for various publications (Troitsky Variant, Around the World, Science in Focus,,, etc.), and recently focused on promising projects: she writes books and observes popular science lectures in different cities of Russia and in other countries.

Asya is the author of three popular science books. The first of them, “Who would have thought! The second, "Somebody's Wrong on the Internet! Scientific Research on Controversial Issues," was shortlisted for this award in 2017. Both books became bestsellers and continue to be reprinted regularly. The third book, "The brain is material. On the use of a tomograph, a transcranial stimulator and a cochlea of ​​cells to detect human behavior" was published in 2019. It is not yet known if it can break the sales records of its predecessors, because it tells about real hardcore modern neuroscience, and therefore is quite difficult to understand in places. But Asya hopes so, because she tends to believe that the audience grows and gets smarter along with the author.


September 5, 1986
Kazantseva Asya was born in Sosnovyy Bor.


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