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Horst Buchholz

Horst Buchholz

German actor


December 4, 1933 (Berlin, Germany) - March 3, 2003 (Berlin).

German actor of theater and cinema.

He was born into the family of a German shoemaker and a Danish woman.

At the end of the war ended up in an orphanage in Czechoslovakia. After the war he returned to Berlin. Dropped out of school. Since 1948, at the age of 15, he made his debut on the Berlin theater scene as Emil in the play "Emil and the Detectives" (based on the novel by E. Köstner).

In 1950 he moved to West Berlin. He graduated from acting courses M. Ludwig. He worked on the radio and in the theater.

For the first time in the movies starred in 1952.

He successfully played Vincent in the French director Julien Duvivier's Marianne of My Youth (1955) and Misha in Helmut Keutner's Sky Without Stars (1955, Federal Prize, a prize at the Cannes IFF, 1956).

Buchholz immediately caught the eye of the audience - a narrow, unusual shape of his eyes, a cheekbone thin face, a striking appearance. Horst Buchholz was not similar to the canonical German type, and perhaps that is why the actor is easily reincarnated in the hero of any nationality and in 1959 actively performed outside Germany. In 1959 he appeared on Broadway in the musical Cherie.

Horst Buchholz's notable acting credits include Felix Krul in the adaptation of Thomas Mann's novel Confessions of an Adventurer by Felix Krul (1957, directed by Kurt Hoffmann, Karlovy Vary IFF Award, 1956, nominated for the Golden Eagle) and Dino the Artist in the screen version of Alberto Moravia's novel Boredom (1963, directed by Damiano Damiani).

Chico in the famous western The Magnificent Seven (1960, directed by John Sturges) brought Horst Buchholz wide popularity.

In the 70s-80s he worked mostly on TV in Germany, Austria, Italy and the United States. In 1984 he was awarded the Golden Federal Prize for his role in the movie "When I'm Afraid / Fear of Falling".

Played in more than 60 films.

In the big movie came back in 1985 with the role of Walter Hoffman in the spy thriller "Codename Emerald. In 1997 he played Dr. Lessing in Roberto Benigni's comedy "Life is Beautiful" (Screen Award's).

He lived in Paris and Switzerland. Horst Buchholz died of pneumonia in a Berlin hospital in early March 2003. He is buried in Berlin.

Christopher Buchholz, son of Horst Buchholz, directed the 2005 film "Horst Buchholz... My Dad."



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