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Guru Amar Das

Guru Amar Das

The third guru of sikhism

Before becoming a Sikh (Shishya from Sanskrit), on a lovely pilgrimage after having been prompted to search for a guru, he heard his nephew's wife, Bibi Amro, reciting a hymn by Guru Nanak, and was deeply moved by it.[3] Bibi Amro was the daughter of Guru Angad, the second and then current Guru of the Sikhs. Amar Das persuaded Bibi Amro to introduce him to her father [4] and in 1539, Amar Das, at the age of sixty, met Guru Angad and became a Sikh, devoting himself to the Guru.[5] In 1552, before his death, Guru Angad appointed Amar Das as Guru Amar Das, the third Guru of Sikhism.[6]


May 5, 1479
Guru Amar Das was born in Amritsar.


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