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Dmitry Portnyagin

Dmitry Portnyagin

Entrepreneur, blogger

The biography of this Russian millionaire is clear evidence that career success does not always depend on education. Sometimes purposefulness, self-confidence and a sincere desire to develop are enough. Dmitry Portnyagin has achieved a lot and is ready to share the secrets of doing business with like-minded people.

The birthplace of the blogger and entrepreneur is Tynda. The businessman was born on April 14, 1988 in a small town with a population of several tens of thousands of people. The mother was strict with her son and demanding. And the father, on the contrary, preferred to remain a friend to the heir.

When Dima was 6 years old, the parent allowed him to drive, tried not to scold him for his behavior and was sympathetic to misconduct. But soon his father passed away - his early departure from life greatly influenced the teenager.

So, at the age of 10, the boy had to say goodbye to childhood. Along with this, a tough character and leadership qualities were developed. This negatively affected the behavior of the student, there were difficulties in learning. Dmitry simply spoke about himself in his youth in an interview - he was known as a bully.

At a certain point, the guy decided to direct his energy in the right direction - he began to box, stopped drinking alcohol.

Once he promised his mother to finish school without triples and did it. Moving to Blagoveshchensk is the second turning point in the guy's biography. There was not enough money, and he managed to get a job as a security guard - a friend helped. Earnings of 300 rubles. allowed to meet basic needs. But even then Portnyagin felt the desire for more.

Dmitry got a job in a travel company. Without knowing the language, he began to carry groups to China. I learned more about the foreign country, about the mentality of the locals and soon saw a lot of opportunities for growth. Noticing that goods in the Celestial Empire cost several times less than in Russia, he decided to take advantage of this, and he began to succeed.

The businessman decided to put more emphasis on the start-up enterprise on the service. I tried to meet the designated deadlines, followed the quality of the goods.

Difficulties in work began in 2008, which was also accompanied by a global crisis. The two partners decided to retire. Portnyagin was left alone, but did not think to retreat, he himself was engaged in purchases, logistics, and sales. Obviously, he needed an assistant.

Then a saving call sounded - an old acquaintance Alexei Nikolaev asked about a part-time job. A native of Tynda announced a vacancy, but he could not promise anything about the salary. But Alexey came, listened to his friend and believed in success. Now Nikolaev is the logistics director of TrunsitPlus.

The crisis, as often happens, brought the company to a new level. Soon the entrepreneur solved temporary difficulties and expanded. I rented a warehouse, started hiring new people, because there was a lot of work.

And then he made the crazy decision to move to China. A change of residence was necessary. Portnyagin was based in Russia while the business was based on Chinese products. He did not move things alone to his new home in Guangzhou.

The chosen one of a businessman, Ekaterina, is now a legal wife. When the aspiring entrepreneur suggested that the girl go to China with him, she did not hesitate for a second and immediately packed her bags.

Katya believed in her husband, in his business and in inevitable success. On June 11, 2011, the wedding took place, and in 2018 the couple decided to get married - the ceremony was held in Georgia. For many years, lovers tried to have a baby. The doctors shrugged their shoulders - the tests were normal, but the long-awaited pregnancy did not occur.

However, the lack of heirs did not cause a divorce. Dmitry believed to the end that the clatter of children's feet would still be heard in his house, and so it happened.

On March 27, 2020, the son Matvey was born. True, his birth made the young father worry. Katya fell ill with bilateral pneumonia a couple of days before the birth. Only thanks to the efforts of doctors it was possible to save both the woman in labor and the child. And the blogger had to be both a father and a mother for the baby for some time.

On Instagram, happy parents share a photo of the baby, who is affectionately called a warrior.

The appearance of a son affected the couple's personal life, but they both do not forget about their careers. Katya, for example, published an autobiographical book, Wife. She spoke in detail about the family, about the difficult path of a woman who did not stop following her husband.

Dmitry continues to develop the Transformer blog. After the birth of the heir, the couple found time for themselves - they flew to rest in Turkey, leaving Matvey to his grandmother and nanny.

Portnyagin's dream was freedom, the ability to travel. In the minds of the entrepreneur, the logistics company TrunsitPlus was seen as an autonomous organization. The businessman managed to assemble a team of top managers, freeing up his time and resources for other things. New projects appeared - cargo transportation, import of cars from abroad, phone repairs and much more.

Soon Dmitry realized that the time had come to consciously approach education. The choice stopped on "Business of youth". Later, Portnyagin himself acted as a speakerin the business community.

In 2016, a YouTube channel appeared. Although initially a series about a talented and grasping native from Tynda was published on Amiran Sardarov's Diary of a Khach.

The Transformer project, which today has become a real club of entrepreneurs, is interesting both for beginners and for those who successfully work in their own business. The blogger shares useful experience, talks about the main mistakes, motivates the audience not to be afraid to make dreams come true.

With the growing popularity of "Transformer", a wave of hatred also rapidly rose. Spiteful critics filmed videos in which they accused the blogger of fraud. Some wrote and said - TrunsitPlus is engaged in the resale of defective goods. Others insisted that Portnyagin had neither a warehouse, nor a staff, nor established partnerships with Chinese manufacturers. People assured: everything that the man broadcasts on the YouTube channel is a highly embellished reality.

Such revelations initially amused the owner of the largest logistics company. But then he realized that the information war is the trend of the future. And he took up the so-called cleansing of reputation.

The businessman is sure that he is able to realize the potential in any service sector. Its strength is the provision of quality service. Therefore, Dmitry is not afraid to try himself in a new form of earnings. Now Portnyagin has reached the point where he has the ability to implement ambitious plans, combine hobbies and work.

An article was even written in Forbes about the blogger's love of travel, namely, testing himself for strength. In 2020, the next season of the Stone Jungle show he founded was released on the Transformer channel. Its essence was to survive and even earn money in extreme conditions - in the Taiga, Africa and other places without money.

In the fall, Dmitry announced a new project, information about which he posted on Instagram. The man invited 100 entrepreneurs to participate in setting a world record.

The blogger's idea is connected with climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The highest point in Africa has repeatedly conquered by athletes. But now it will be a group of 100 people - in this way everyone will write their name in history.


April 14, 1988
Dmitry Portnyagin was born in Tynda.


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