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Cinzano - the beginning of the history of vermouth

There are only 2 most famous brands of vermouth in the world: Martini and Cinzano. At the same time, only Cinzano can be called a classic version of these alcoholic beverages, because it all started with him. Cinzano saw the world almost 100 years earlier than Martini and managed to win a lot more hearts.

The brand itself appeared in 1757 and soon began to be sold in more than 100 countries around the world, which included: Russia, South America, Western Europe. At the same time, since its entry into the market of different countries, the famous vermouth has occupied the first or second lines in terms of sales.

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For the frenzied popularity and fame of the brand, we must say thank you to the Cinzano family, who started their own business. The possessions of this family were so huge that the territory on which the grapes were grown was called the "Cinzano region". This name has been fixed for the territory until now.

The success and demand for the products of the Cinzano family made it possible to obtain a special license from the government for the manufacture of special wine elixirs. However, about 50 years remained until the appearance of the real vermouth.

Cinzano - the beginning of the history of vermouth

Vermouth, as a consequence of experiments

In 1757 the Cinzano company was bought by two brothers Carlo and Stefano Giacomo. They were determined to find a recipe for a unique alcoholic elixir that would lead them to success. In 1786, such a recipe was found. Vermouth was liked not only by ordinary people, but also by representatives of blue bloods. This led to the fact that in 1787 the Cinzano company received official permission to become the main supplier of vermouth to the royal court.

Features of Cinzano

The main feature that distinguishes Cinzano from Martini is the recipe. It includes:

blends of the best grape varieties harvested in various regions of Italy;

herbal tincture, including more than 80 herbs;


ethyl alcohol of the highest quality.

The composition of the Martini includes too much extract from herbs, namely wormwood. This makes the taste of the drink brighter and richer. This is partly why the calm and balanced aroma of Cinzano was enjoyed not only by fans of wines, but also by lovers of stronger rum or whiskey.

Cinzano Assortment

Varieties: varieties, brands and their features

Today on the shelves of stores you can find 6 varieties of Cinzano at once:

Bianco (white) is an excellent aperitif with a delicate taste and bright aroma;

Rosso (red) is the most traditional version of vermouth with a very high sugar content;

Extra Dry (dry). This vermouth will appeal to fans of dry wines. Subtle fruity notes made the drink one of the most aristocratic;

Orancio (amber) is a very rare variety of Cinzano, which is difficult to find on sale. The noble amber color and aroma of the peel are highly appreciated by experts;

Limetto (pale yellow) will appeal to those who love citrus fruits, because Limetto is based on lime and lemon extract.

In addition to vermouth, one type of sparkling wine is produced under the Cinzano brand — Cinzano Asti. It is created on the basis of only one type of sweet grapes, which makes the drink very sugary and at the same time natural, because sugar is extracted from grapes, not from sweeteners.

Cocktails with Cinzano

Cinzano and the culture of drinking

The first important rule is the temperature regime. In order for the bouquet of all varieties of Cinzano vermouth to remain saturated and rich, it is necessary to cool the drink to 8-12 degrees.

Some connoisseurs recommend starting acquaintance with vermouth by diluting it with water, ice or juice. Cinzano is also good in combination with other alcoholic beverages, for example, with cognac, gin or vodka.

Finally, for fans of everything unusual, Cinzano has a surprise — a special method of consumption in frozen form. To do this, it is enough to put the drink in a container and put it in the freezer. Cinzano ice cream will not lose its taste qualities, but it will become an interesting way to impress guests.


The brand itself appeared in 1757 and soon began to be sold in more than 100 countries around the world

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April 4, 2013


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