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July 15, 2022 12:53 pm
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American actor, director and producer.

He was born January 26, 1984 in Los Angeles (California, USA) in the family of an Italian and a Jewish woman. As a child played soccer and was involved in athletics.

Thought about a career in film after a chance meeting with an agent who advised the young man to enroll in acting classes.

In 2004, he first appeared on the screens as Ben in the TV series The Bold and the Beautiful (1987-2019).

In 2012, he produced and directed the documentary series My Last Days (2012-2018), in which seriously ill people share stories and thoughts about life.

He became widely known as an actor for his role as Rafael Solano in the soap opera "Virgin Jane" (2014-2019).


His first feature directorial work in feature film was the melodrama "One Meter Apart" (2019).

Eszter BalintEszter Balint was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 2:11 am
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She is an American actress, singer and composer.

She was born in 1969 (according to other sources in 1966) in Budapest, Hungary to an acting family.

From the age of six, Esther began studying the violin. In 1976 she moved with her parents from Hungary to Paris, France. Together with the theater group, in which her parents worked, Esther visited many European countries. Since 1979 - in the U.S.. Participated as a young actress in theater festivals in Iran, Europe and the United States. Later worked as a DJ in a nightclub, where she also performed as a musician in various styles - funk, blues, rap.

At the age of 15 (according to other sources Esther was 18) she made her film debut. She is known primarily as the female lead in director Jim Jarmusch's debut film Stranger Than Heaven / Stranger Than Heaven (1984).

She studied vocals at the conservatory. However, soon abandoned the idea of becoming a classical singer.


She began performing with the troupe Squat Theater. After the success of Jarmusch's film she did not appear in films until the end of the 90s. Since 1991 she focused on music, in 1999 she released her first album Flicker. Her musical style was heavily influenced by John Lurie, with whom she starred in Jarmusch. She has toured with the band in Europe as a performer of self-written songs. She has also performed as a film composer.

Ralph BakshiRalph Bakshi was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 2:09 am
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American animation director, screenwriter, one of the pioneers of "adult" animation. He became famous for his cartoons Fire and Ice and The Lord of the Rings.

He was born on October 29, 1938, in Haifa, Israel.

Less than a year later, his family fled to the United States from the impending Second World War. Ralph graduated from art school and joined the Terrytoons studio, which he took over. Bakshi worked at Paramount Pictures for several years, then created animated series based on the Spider-Man and Mighty Mouse comics.


Bakshi became one of the pioneers of "adult" animation, creating films in the fantasy genre. His debut in this field was a full-length cartoon "Magicians". But the screen adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" and the ensuing "Fire and Ice" with the famous artist Frank Frazetta brought him real fame. This and some of Bakshi's other films have an element of eroticism that was considered defiant for animation, a traditionally "children's" art form, in the 1970s and '80s.

The director often uses rotoscoping in his cartoons

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February 8, 2022 2:03 am
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Scott Bakula grew up in a family of musicians. In fourth grade, he joined his first rock band and wrote songs for it.

After high school, Scott studied law at the University of Kansas. In 1976, he was hired as a non-professional actor for a small role in a television movie. After that, having learned a different life, he moved to New York City. After several small roles on television he played the lead and most famous role in the series "Quantum Leap" (1989) and on its completion, in 1992, the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a TV movie.

Today, Scott Bakula lives in Los Angeles and also has a country farmhouse in New York State.

Warner BaxterWarner Baxter was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 2:01 am
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March 29, 1889 (Columbus, Ohio, USA) - May 7, 1951 (Beverly Hills, California, USA).

American actor.


Nine years later, after his father died, Warner and his mother moved to San Francisco. Surviving a terrible earthquake in 1906, the Baxters lost everything, as did many others. They lived in a tent. To do something to support his family, Warner took a job on a farm.

During a tour of their town by a traveling troupe of artists, Baxter joined them and traveled with them all over the west, learning the basics of acting.


Academy Award (1928/29):

Best Actor ("In Old Arizona").

Sosie BaconSosie Bacon was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 1:59 am
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Sosie Bacon

American actress

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She is an American actress.

She was born March 15, 1992 in Los Angeles (California, USA) in a family of actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

She made her debut as an actress in the role of young Emily in the film "Favorite" (2005), which was directed by her father. Her parents did not want their daughter to follow in their footsteps, but the girl accepted producer James Duff's offer to play Charlie in the series The Seeker (2005-2012), which was Sozy's first really big acting job.


She is best known for her performance as Skye Miller in the teen drama "13 Reasons Why" (2017-2020).

Olga BaclanovaOlga Baclanova was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 1:57 am
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Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1925).

She was born on August 19, 1896 in Moscow.

Her mother, a famous theatrical actress, encouraged her daughter's interest in the acting profession in every possible way. The girl received a classical education and at sixteen, successfully passed the competition in the Moscow Art Theater. In 1917 she made her debut at the theater. Subsequently, was involved in several productions: played Laura, who left the theater Gzovskaya, in "The Stone Guest" by Pushkin, Sasha in Chekhovskom "Ivanov, Olivia in Shakespeare′s "Twelfth Night, Bertha in the setting of" Cricket by the hearth "by Dickens.

From 16 years until 1925, played on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater and in the movies.

Like many actors of the time, Baklanova understood that her career depends directly on her loyalty to the new regime, in 1918, the actress starred in propaganda and propaganda film "Bread". Before that, Baklanova had little film experience, mostly starring in Victor Turzhansky's silent short films with eloquent titles: "The Grave Wanderer" (1915), "Vampire Woman" (1915), "The Loop of Death" (1915).

After a tour of the theater in America did not return home. Played in the theater and starred in Hollywood. The most famous and even scandalous (banned for screening in several states) was the film Freaks (1932).

She passed away on September 6, 1974, in Vevey, Switzerland.


Moscow Art Theater (1917-1919):

"The Stone Guest" based on Pushkin's tragedy. Role of Laura.

"Ivanov" based on Chekhov's play. The Role of Sasha.

"Freeloader" based on the play by Turgenev. The role of Olga Petrovna.

"Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare's play. The Role of Olivia.

"The Cricket by the Hearth" by Dickens. The Role of Bertha.

"The Flood," based on Berger's play. Role of Lizzie / Sadie.

Music Studio (1920-1926):

1920 - "Madame Ango's Daughter" based on an operetta by Charles Lecoq. Role of Lange.

1922 - "Pericola" based on the operetta by Jacques Offenbach. The role of Pericola.

1923 - "Lysistrata" based on the comedy by Aristophanes. The role of Lysistrata.

1924 "Carmencita and the Soldier" by Lipskerov to the music of Bizet. The role of Carmencita.

1925 - Trilogy "Love and Death", in two parts of which - "Bakhchisarai fountain" by Pushkin and "Aleko" by Rachmaninov - the actress played respectively the role of Zarema and Zemfira.

1925-1926 years on tour in the U.S., the actress played in "Lysistrata", "Karmensita and the soldier" and "Love and Death.


Works after her emigration to the United States (1926-1947):

1926 - The Miracle. The Role of the Nanny.

1931 - "Silent Witness. Role unknown.

1932 - "The Grand Hotel. The role of Grushinskaya.

"Twentieth Century" (Twentieth Century). The role of Lily Garland.

"The Cat and the Fiddle. The Role of Shirley.

1933 - Twenty-five Dollars an Hour on Broadway ($25 an Hour). The role of Germaine Granville.

"Murder at the Vanities on Broadway. Role of Sonia.

1934 - "Mahogony Hall" (Mahogony Hall). The role of Madame Paris.

1936 - Going Places. The Role of Dagmar Petrova.

Idiot's Delight. The Role of Irena.

1941-1943 Claudia on Broadway. Role of Madame Darushka.

1945-1947 Touring the country

1947 Louisiana Lady. Role of Madame Corday.

Dan BakkedahlDan Bakkedahl was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 1:56 am
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He is an American actor.

He was born November 18, 1969 in Rochester (Minnesota, USA). Has Norwegian roots.

Grew up in Stuart, Florida. He graduated from St. Cloud State University and Florida State University.

Gained fame as a performer in comic improvisational roles at Chicago's Second City Theatre. Performed on stage at California State Shakespeare Theatre.


Since 2005, he has been on television. He gained popularity for one of his leading roles as Steve Nugent on the comedy series Normal and for his recurring role as Congressman Roger Furlong on the HBO series The Vice President.

Morena BaccarinMorena Baccarin was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 1:55 am
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American actress of Brazilian origin.

Born June 2, 1979 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to the family of the actress Vera Setta and journalist Fernando Baccarin.

At the age of seven she moved with her parents to the United States. Studied acting at Juilliard School.

First appeared on the screen as Monica in the drama "Perfume" (2001).

A breakthrough in her career was the role of Inara Serra in the fantasy series "Firefly" (2002-2003) and the full-length sequel "Mission Serenity" (2005).


Acting credits include the role of Jessica Brody in the Emmy Award-winning primetime series Homeland (2011-2019) and Vanessa in the superhero Deadpool movie series.

Chris BuckChris Buck was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 1:52 am
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He is an American animation director and screenwriter.

He was born on October 25, 1960, in Wichita (Kansas, USA).

He took interest in animation when he was a child, when for the first time he watched the animated film Pinocchio on the big screen.

Graduated from California University of the Arts with a degree in character animation. He worked as an animator on such films as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1988) and "The Little Mermaid" (1989).

His directorial debut was an episode of the animated series Home Dog (1993).

In 1995 he wrote his first screenplay for the animated film Pocahontas. In 2008, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on the animated film "Catch the Wave!" (2007).

He is best known as the director of the animated film Cold Heart, which was enthusiastically received by audiences and won the prestigious Oscar and BAFTA awards for best animated film.


BAFTA Award:

2014 - Best Animated Feature ("Cold Heart")

Academy Award:

2014 - Best Animated Feature ("Cold Heart")

Golden Globe Award:

2014 - Best Animated Feature ("Cold Heart")

Georges Award:

2014 - Best Animated Film ("Cold Heart")


Saturn Award:

2014 - Best Animated Film ("Cold Heart")

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 1:51 am
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She is an American actress.

She was born April 3, 1986 in Thousand Oaks, California, USA.

On television since 1995, and since 1999 is the central character of the television show "The Amanda Show. Her film debut was The Big Fat Liar (2001).

Erykah BaduErykah Badu was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 1:50 am
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American R&B, soul and hip-hop artist.

She was born on February 26, 1971, in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Her mother, Colleen Wright, raised her three children alone. Her grandmother babysat the children while their mother performed in various theatrical productions. At age 4, Erica was already performing with her mother at the Dallas Theatre Centre. She composed her first song at the age of seven, and her stage debut was in second grade, in a school play she volunteered to play the role of a boy bully. It was then that she felt that there is nothing more interesting than the scene.

The wisdom of singing and acting, she mastered in the School of the Arts in Dallas, after which she went to a university in Louisiana, where she studied theater.

Returning to Dallas, Erica took a job at a school, but the thought of a professional music career never left her. Along with her cousin Robert "Free" Bradford, Erica composed and performed hip-hop. Their duo, called ErykahFree, performed at local cafes and clubs. At one of these concerts, the musicians were noticed by the notorious D'Angelo. Erykah Badu's vocals just charmed manager Kedar Massenburg, who took the singer under his patronage, securing her a solo contract.

In 1997, she released her first album, "Baduizm", which won the Grammy Awards in 1998.

After a short break due to the birth of her son, Erika released a new album "Mama's Gun" in 2000. The song "Bag Lady" from that album won a Grammy Award.

At the same time as raising her son, Badu began to count down her acting career.

In the summer of 2003, the singer's collection of awards was enriched by three Soul Train Lady Of Soul Awards, among which was a special award for the most interesting artist of the year - the Aretha Franklin Award 2003.


The year 2004 brought the artist another joy: she became a mother for the second time. Erika keeps the name of her daughter's father a secret.

Michael BadaluccoMichael Badalucco was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 1:48 am
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Michael Badalucco

American actor

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He was born December 20, 1954 in Flatbush, New York, USA.

Grew up in a family of Italian-Americans. Studied at New York's New Platz University.

Worked as a prop master at a film studio in New York City for over 15 years.

In the cinema since 1980, in the film Raging Bull. In 1994 he played the role of Matilda's father in the famous film "Leon the Killer.

The actor's success was the role of Lieutenant Bonomo in "One Fine Day". (1996) and George Nelson in Oh, Where Are You Brother? (2000).


He was nominated five times for a TV Emmy Award and won an Emmy in 1999 for his performance as attorney Jimmy Berlutti on the TV series The Practice (1997-2004).

King BaggotKing Baggot was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 1:47 am
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Born November 7, 1879 (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

King Baggott is little known to modern viewers, despite the fact that he starred in a significant number of pictures. He can be seen in such Hollywood masterpieces as "The Philadelphia Story" (1940). (1940), Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood (1945), and The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946). He appeared in more than 300 films. Somewhere appeared in the character roles, somewhere played in small, sometimes unnoticed by no one episodes. His fame faded along with the silent film, when the actors of sound films more rapidly took over.

Baggot, the son of a real estate investor, leaves his native St. Louis, Missouri, for Broadway in New York City to pursue a career in theater. He succeeds fairly quickly, shining in the play Better to Be Pityed Than Despised. Baggot soon finds himself in "IMP Studios" (Buldut studio "Universal"), where he starred in his first film "The Tricks of Love" (1909). He was then invited to star in the classic film "Ivanhoe" (1913). The studios promoted Baggott in every way, which was unusual for that time.

The talent of this actor - primarily in the ability to play multifaceted, complex characters, as in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1913) and "Shadows" (1914), where he performs ten different roles. As he grew older, Baggott focused more and more on directing and co-directed with William S. Hart the western "Tumbleweed" (1925).

The secret of Baggott's so frequent appearances in films goes back to 1933, when MGM Studios awarded him a lifetime contract as a silent film veteran. It was a symbolic gesture because he got mostly cameo roles that brought in only $75 a week.


He died in 1948 (Los Angeles, California, USA).

Vitali BaganovVitali Baganov was edited byOksana SlyusarenkoOksana Slyusarenko
February 8, 2022 1:46 am
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Vitali Baganov

Soviet and american actor

Article  (+957 characters)


Born September 6, 1952 in Leningrad.

For 4 years he studied at the Leningrad State University, studying astronomy. Then entered the Leningrad State University of Theatre and Astronomy.

After graduating from the institute (1977) worked at the Lenin Komsomol Theatre in Leningrad. He was on the Lenin Komsomol Theater in Leningrad and on the Komissarzhev Theater in St. Petersburg. Komissarzhevskaya Theatre.

Performed in the movies in the 1980s, in 1991 went to the U.S., where he lives and works now.


Additional Filmography:

* Troika (1998), Role: Vitaly; Directed by Jennifer Montgomery; Production: USA.

* Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Russian Love Poem (2000), Role: Bartender; Director: Rick Rosenthal; Production: NBC Productions.

* The Sopranos (1999-2004); Role: Valery; Production: USA.

* Pieces of April (2003), Role: Half Asleep Man; Director: Peter Hedges; Production: USA.

* C.S.I.: NY (2004), Role: Dr. Bogdan Ivanov; Produced by: USA

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