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Universal Basic AssetA new kind of initial capital accessible to everyone.Mine from any device, no matter who you are and where you are from.

Universal Basic Asset

A new kind of initial capital accessible to everyone.

Mine from any device, no matter who you are and where you are from.

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UBA is the initial capital for metaverse and future digital assets

- Built For the future

An asset protocol open to all metaverse systems.

- Acquire more assets

You can spend or invest your UBA in metaverse.

Designed for everyone

Asset of the future should belong to more than the top 1%.

A more equitable blockchain for financial innovations.

Mine now to trade or hold

Easier & more affordable

Start Easier

Start mining UBA with just a computer/phone.

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Build your asset with no initial invesment, stop risking thousands to enter the market.

Built-in Fairness

Fair for all

10% of UBA outputs will be distributed to all miners equally. No matter who you are, or how much computing power you have.

Transparent for all

Your wealth is protected by blockchain, fully transparent through blockchain browser.

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As the global pandemic continue to manifest its influence, growing wealth inequality combined with advances in artificial intelligence and automation is already de-stabilizing many societies.

But while the incomes we are paid are vital to the success and comfort of our lives, economic returns have been going increasingly to investors rather than wage earners. The real affliction today’s world is suffering from isn’t income inequality: It’s asset inequality.

The system that worked relatively well under conditions of the past is poorly suited to fulfill the needs of many in the future, if nothing changes, many of us will feel increasingly left out by the economy.

We must experiment frameworks and prototype new approaches to building participatory economies. We propose Universal Basic Assets as a framework for achieving this.

The objective UBA is to build a basic asset so more people can participate in asset innovations of the future. With new technologies, new realities of a digitally interconnected world, and new advancements in the field of digital finance, we have the tools to do so.

A number of characteristics are key in defining what UBA should look like:

1.The new assets are digital

We need a new solution that is suited to the realities of our digital economy.

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies are encrypted, transferable and digitally accessible. They are the first iteration of digital assets, representing monetary or financial value.

We think new technologies in blockchain are excellent instruments to put economic/financial ideas to the test with real-world prototypes.

2.Universally Accessible

UBA should be an asset built to work for everyone.

Acquiring it should be simple, not bounded borders, and independent of existing Wall Street establishments, at the same time the system needs to prevent duplicate accounts as much as possible.

The mining framework in the digital economies demonstrated that new assets can be acquired via digital means, while meeting these requirements.

However, the mining model should be simpler more equitable in UBA.


Process should be as intuitive as possible. No prerequisite knowledge on blockchain technology required.

More equitable:

In mining models those with larger computing power will almost always dominate mining yields as the asset’s market value grows. A percentage of UBA should be distributed independent of computing power and solely on the basis of participation, to generate more equal opportunities in distribution.

3.Basic asset: a foundation to generate more assets

The mining model really showed how assets can be acquired via digital means satisfying these requirements.

In addition, the mining model can a made simpler more equitable.

"the more assets you have, the more you can leverage them to generate more assets(or income)"

A basic asset is the foundation one can leverage to generate more assets.

We have seen examples of how innovative assets are generated in the Decentralized Finance movements since 2020.

Decentralized finance or Defi, is a digital form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks to offer traditional financial instruments. Defi lending/borrowing, yield farming, NFTs have generated many innovative assets with growing monetary values.

With UBA as a basic asset, entities can create new decentralized assets for different applications and audiences, such as Lending/borrowing and NFTs, independent of Wall Street establishments.


To sum up, UBA develops frameworks for thinking about asset inequality, to design specific solutions that emerge from these frameworks, and then to put them to the test with real-world prototypes.

In a world in which monetary rewards increasingly accrue to capital and not to labor, UBA provides a new kind of basic capital.,Universal%20Basic%20Asset,Privacy%20policy,-Legal%20disclaimer


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August 23, 2021

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