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igor shurupov

igor shurupov

Russian chef, restaurateur

Igor Vladimirovich Shurupov (b. February 26, 1966 Moscow, RSFSR, USSR) is a Russian chef, restaurateur, gastronomic experimenter, one of the founders of the New Russian Cuisine, cook, traveler . Chef and co-owner of the Moscow restaurant Accenti. One of the few modern Russian chefs known abroad.

Igor Shurupov graduated from the Moscow Institute of Technology, but did not work in his specialty, he preferred the restaurant business to the profession of an engineer.

He started his career in 1989 as a waiter at the Intourist Hotel.

In 1991, he worked as a cook at the Pirovano Hotel (Italy).

In 1992-2002 he worked as a manager in Moscow restaurants of French cuisine "Le Chalet", Actor and Ulei.

In 2002, as a chef and co-owner, he opened the Italian cuisine restaurant Accenti in Moscow.

In 2010, Accenti received the prize "Best Restaurant of the Year" at the Moscow Gastronomic Festival.

Since 2008, among the world's leading chefs, he has participated in the world's main gastronomic congresses Madrid Fusión, San Sebastián Gastronomika, etc.

In 2010, Vittorio Surdo received a diploma from the Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to Russia for his worthy contribution to the development of Italian gastronomic culture in Moscow[4].

In 2011 and 2012, the Accenti restaurant team led by Igor Shurupov toured Monte Carlo restaurants.

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February 26, 1966
igor shurupov was born in Moscow.


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