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hiver (Grexit, inc.)

hiver (Grexit, inc.)

Hiver is a San Jose, California and Bangalore, India-based software company developing a help desk software for the Google Workspace.


Hiver is a provider of shared inbox management software intended to facilitate email collaboration and management. The company's software assists businesses to manage shared inboxes from Gmail accounts and the Google Workspace. Hiver's platform allows teams with shared inboxes to assign emails as tasks and give the task an owner and a status to help transparency and accountability in a team. As well, teams can also automate tasks such as assigning emails from a specific customer to a particular agent. The company's platform is also capable of running analytics and automation without learning new software. Hiver counts companies such as Canva, Vacasa, Flexport, Pluralsight, Oxford Business Group, and Upwork as customers.

Shared inboxes

Hiver's platform works within Google's Workspace and allows teams to delegate emails, track those emails similar to tracking tasks, and help teams stay focused with emails having dedicated owners. The platform also provides visibility into which team member is responsible for which email, and into those without tasks delegated. The platform is developed to help users manage shared inboxes for larger corporations.

As well, the platform allows users to communicate with teams through email notes and without needing to send emails between team members. Members of a team can collaborate on email drafts for responses to specific emails, and these emails can be written with specific email templates to help response times. These templated emails can be written for different scenarios and allow team members to adjust a response to specific details to a task.

Other features of the platform include automations to reduce mundane and repetitive tasks that are based on easily automated rules. The platform can define business hours when a team shares an inbox and will only track SLAs during those hours. As well, the platform can alert users to an email that is already being used to avoid duplicate or conflicting responses. And with round robin assignments, the platform allows users to automatically assign emails based on workloads for faster response times.

Shared Google groups

Hiver's platform also helps users manage Google Groups like support or help groups from Gmail. This can help users create ownership of email from the interface, collaborate internally without sending more emails, and works to help keep users productive with analytics.

Through the platform, users can see the status of every email, whether it is open, pending, or closed, and users can track the progress at a glance. As well, both platforms use analytics not only to see how productive users are, but also to track how happy or satisfied customers are with the responses and support, which can, in turn, be used to develop a company's support service.


Customer's of Hiver's platform have included organizations such as AppsFlyer, Upwork, Reali, Harvard University, Veolia, New York University, Pluralsight, Ford Foundation, Course Hero, Vacasa, Canva, and


Hiver's platform is priced by user, with four different tiered levels. The prices range from $12 per user per month at the lower end to $57 per user per month. Each tier offers different features, including unlimited shared inboxes, a user cap, unlimited tags and email templates, shared drafts, email notes, collision alerts, permalinks, access controls, mobile applications for iOS and Android, and chat and email support at the "Lite" tier, the lowest tier.

The next tier, Growth, offers unlimited view, unlimited automations, auto-responder, and conversion analytics, as well as integrations with Slack and Zapier. The Pro tier offers SLA and business hours, CSAT, advanced access controls, advanced analytics, scheduled data exports, and a dedicated success manager. The final tier, the Elite tier, offers users round robin assignment, customer access controls, custom reports, priority supports, call-back supports, and uptime SLA on top of the other features.


February 11, 2021
hiver raises a $4,000,000 venture round from MUFG.
October 20, 2018
hiver raises a $4,000,000 series A round from Kae Capital.

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