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DisBalancer is a decentralized system and serverless node network that connects computer bandwidth and storage pools to websites for DDoS protection

The new generation of WEB3 security. disBalancer is the most effective solution allowing businesses to leave DDoS security threats in the past while giving common users an opportunity to make real money by sharing their free computing resources and bandwidth. By simulating DDoS attacks we let clients see the whole picture of their security landscape while users can feel that they make a huge contribution to making the world a safer place.

We are a team of cybersecurity and crypto enthusiasts who participated in the Ideas Hackathon and won third place. After that, we were invited to join a very new initiative of the Hacken Team - Hacken Foundation which specializes in giving a boost to innovative cybersecurity projects in the crypto world. disBalancer was the second project to enter the Hacken Foundation. Now, we are an honorable member of the Hacken Foundation and our project got a chance to become a recognized market leader.

We protect your ICO from bad actors who want to scam your community by making fake ICO websites. Via our network, we ban scam websites by making them unavailable and thereby protecting your community from scams until the end of ICO. Our experts will promote the secure deployment of your website by testing it with big volumes of connections to provide you maximum uptime and prepare your project for successful launch and crowdfunding campaign.

disBalancer (DDOS) - protection against DDoS attacks

disBalancer (DDOS) is a decentralized network that provides distributed denial of service (DDoS) resilience and load balancing services to help modern businesses avoid the increased cost of such attacks in terms of loss of revenue and data leakage.

This allows businesses to fight fire with fire, using the same unused computer bandwidth and storage that attackers manipulate, incentivizing those massive resources to fight DDoS problems, not for them.

disBalancer Platform

disBalancer aims to create a fully decentralized peer-to-peer and serverless network of nodes to connect unused bandwidth and storage for businesses that need DDoS protection and accelerated content delivery for their websites.

Any computer or smartphone owner can run the disBalancer peer-to-peer client in the background of their device, renting out unused bandwidth and storage and earning disBalancer (DDOS) tokens as an incentive reward. Large pools of thousands of these device nodes can then work together to process requests to check connections to websites and block malicious activity.

Decentralized, Affordable and Affordable Alternative

The consequences of DDoS attacks can result in a significant loss of revenue for businesses, especially online stores that lose between 8,000 and 74,000 for every hour of downtime.

Restoring services and managing offline operations are the most direct costs, although DDoS attacks also increase the cost of sales, customer service, and marketing. In addition, they can undermine customer confidence and jeopardize future business opportunities.

he disBalancer model aims to provide a solution to this problem focused on four key propositions:

-Load balancing services for companies that need protection from attacks.

-Content Delivery Network (CDN) services that provide faster and more secure delivery and availability of Internet content.

-Verified user ownership of resources - providing companies with DDoS protection services to test the resilience of their website or infrastructure.

-Web Application Firewall (WAF) services to filter, monitor, and block traffic.

The goal of disBalancer is to create a decentralized network that will provide continuous communication between computers to create sustainable and low-cost pools tailored to the specific needs of customers. Not only will this filter traffic, but it will speed up access to content, forever changing the nature of website security.

As a result, disBalancer can save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in preventing these types of attacks. It also opens up an affordable decentralized pay-as-you-go alternative to existing centralized and hacked solutions that tend to take a reactive rather than a proactive approach.


January 30, 2022
January 30, 2022
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February 22, 2021


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