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danila transverse

danila transverse

Danila Poperechniy, Russian stand - up comedian

Danila Alexeyevich Poperechny , born March 10, 1994 is a Russian stand-up comedian, YouTuber

Early life

Poperechny was born in Voronezh, Russia. When he was in high school, his family moved to Kyiv, Ukraine, where they have lived for six years. After graduating from school, Poperechny studied computer engineering in Rzeszów, Poland, but dropped out during his second year. When he was sixteen, he temporarily worked as a beta tester for GSC Game World, where he beta tested S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Poperechny created his YouTube channel Spoontamer on December 11, 2009. The first videos he uploaded were self-made humorous cartoons. He also has worked for Spasibo, Eva! network as an animator, but soon left it because of its connection with Russian government.He started his stand up career in 2013 and has filmed seven specials for his YouTube channel. Poperechny names Louis C. K., Doug Stanhope, Jim Jefferies, and Joe Rogan among his inspirers.

Poperechny is also known for his podcast Soulless where he speaks to Russian and foreign celebrities from different areas, such as Jacques Anthony, Gennady Khazanov, Irina Gorbacheva, L'One, Timur Batrutdinov, Daniel Sloss, Garic Kharlamov, Leonid Parfenov, Yolka, Ilya Naishuller, Ilya Prusikin, Morgenshtern, Yuri Kuklachov, etc.

Poperecnhy also wrote scripts for Noize MC's music videos. As for 2021, he is cast in the leading role in Ilya Naishuller's Young Man.


March 10, 1994
danila transverse was born in Voronezh.


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