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The CryptoWheels is a collection of 8,888 unique pieces of handcrafted art which includes fire-powered equipped vehicles with capabilities of massive destruction. The collection focuses on giving the holders ultimate right to rule the oblivion kingdom. Use your wheels’ destruction power to claim the throne and have real world benefits (TBA).

The Story

Its year 2187 and the world is falling apart. For decades there was a conflict to rule the Oblivion kingdom which lies on the eternal blockchain. After sudden disappearance of Knight Riders (The current ruler faction of kingdom), the 7 most powerful factions came in front of each other in pursuit to claim the kingdom. The factions include deadly Death Shadows, Demons, Terminators, Death Queens, Black Devils and Crushers with capabilities of massive destructions armed with powerful artillery and brute force. All of the members of factions are known “Wheels” in the Cryptoverse.

The war began, let’s see who is our new master of Oblivion Kingdom and will be ruling the eternal blockchain.

Sneak Peaks

Our team of professional artists is developing the art for 4 months so that each of you can get a unique piece of art as each wheel is customized and tweaked to provide the holder of NFT enough firepower to win the war against the best.

The First Kill

The war will begin as soon as 100% 8,888 Wheels are sold. DAO is already created and staking platform is ready to roll. As soon as all the wheels are in the battlefield the hunt for most destructive wheels will be starting. Join the war.

Roadmap Q1 2022
The World War 2

After conquering the kingdom, its not over for wheels. We will be executing the voting rights and will invest the funds for community by collaborating with various partners to have real world benefits. An unknown force will come with ultra powers to shake the kingdom with Gen 2. The holders of the GEN 1 will have the ability to get hands on the Gen 2 power.

The 3rd Step

Gen 3 Will be launched.

Time to give more benefits to the community and our wheels enthusiasts and true holders of our special art.

Voting will be done again to allocate the funds to community benefit the way community wants.

Will be giving surprise gifts to holders of First Gen Holders (Stay Tuned Racers!)

The final War to begin a new journey

The final war will begin as soon as the

Gen 4 are released in the battlefield! This time it will be a war between the veterans of Gen 1,2 and 3 and the Gen 4’s Newest technology and destructive power. The Only way to get hold of Gen 4 is to hunt for the clues and hints in the earlier generation NFTs released. So be very watchful.

The only NFT focused on the real world benefits for the holders:

Why Buy CryptoWheels? This is the most important question the holders/buyers should know:

– Early Buyers will get discount in pre sale

– Each buyer will get unique astonishing wheel art developed by renowned artists to which they will be owner forever

– Each holder will get daily airdrop of $Nitro coin which is already launched and you can get hands on it immediately after your first mint.

– The airdropped coins will be used to rent a luxury car or an economical car completely free of cost all around the world.

– The buyer of this NFT will get priority and free NFTs in future generation projects

The holder will get 4 additional benefits:

– The NFT purchased market price will keep increasing so ultimately an asset will be building up along with enjoying luxury of access to wheels all the time.

– The airdropped coins can be used to enjoy the luxury of wheels or the coins can be sold in market.

– Other future benefits which will not be disclosed now and only eligible long term holders will get that special benefits.

Our NFT is based on Gamification, the rules of which will be disclosed soon after reveal.

So car enthusiasts by owning our art get so many benefits which no other projects have given before to the community. This project is all about art, luxury, freedom and equality.

On top of that the best thing is that these all benefits will be provided to the community based on voting rights and they can decide a different direction of the benefits for the community.

We have taken onboard a world-class team with specialization in different fields to provide the community with top-notch quality in terms of art, technology, accountability and security.

We have made sure to provide you impeccable art, secure the interest of community and to deliver the deliverables as promised. So rest assured that your investment is in the safest hands.


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