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With Cosmic Guild you play to earn with the future of gaming. Play blockchain games and earn cryptocurrency. Start playing crypto games!

We are gamers at heart! We spent our formative years fending off never-ending waves of Oblivion Knights in Diablo's Sanctuary or in the dark tunnels of de_dusk. More recently we became expert harvesters and woodloggers outside Monarch's Bluffs, never mind the buggy server on launch day.

When Axie Infinity exploded on the scene, we began to build scholarship programs and also played the game ourselves. We understood the token mechanics of AXS and SLP instinctively and realized how everything was about to change. Unsurprisingly, we're now starting to see dozens of similar games pop up across BSC, Polygon, Solana etc. It's an exciting time for us gamers.

I think we'll never stop gaming to be honest.

Who are we exactly?

We have been in the crypto market for many years

We have experienced every narrative this market has offered so far: bitcoin's digital gold-ness, ETH's fat protocol thesis, DeFi 1.0/2.0, scam farms & rug pulls, NFTs, the scaling debate/multi-chain/bridges etc. Ngl, gaming is probably the most exciting use-case in crypto to us so far.

Most of our core team and advisors are current and/or ex-employees of:





Play-to-earn gaming presents massive yield opportunities but is difficult to scale due to massive operational requirements. Our core team have scaled teams in major exchanges and banks which has grown exponentially in the past few years. We come from companies such as Coinbase, Bithumb and Gemini.

While gamers at heart, our team are also experienced operators skilled at execution, people management and DeFi.


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