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avocarrot (Glipsa Connect)

avocarrot (Glipsa Connect)

Avocarrot is a company powered by Glipsa Global Group with a specialization in a monetization platform for app developers. Its headquarters are in Athens, Greece and it was founded in 2013.

Avocarrot's name has transformed into Glipsa Connect and is a programmatic advertisement exchange platform, which is intended to be used for mobile application monetization.The company aims to serve startups and individuals seeking to earn money from their applications.


The product can be used by publishers/application developers and also by advertisers and agencies. Publishers can create customizeable native advertisement designs using the platform. Advertisements are meant to be more interactive in an attempt to attract more consumers. They can also monitor their mobile advertisement revenue. The platform provides private marketplaces so that publishers can experience quality rates and volumes of customers.

Advertisers can use the platform for high-quality advertisement placements. They can also receive detailed reports regarding advertisement trends and optimization opportunities so that they can make smarter decisions for advertising purposes.The company's intention with advertisers using their platform is create a broad reach and specific targeting for them.


January 1, 2013
avocarrot raises a $161,671 seed round from Collider12.

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