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Ze 'im

Ze 'im

Ze 'im is a russian machine-building enterprise founded in 1958 by Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union.

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Ze 'im

Russian machine-building enterprise.


The full name is ABS ZEiM Automation Open Joint Stock Company. The company is one of the industrial and social leaders of Chuvashia. It is part of the ABS Electro group of companies.


The main activities are the development and production of electric actuators and actuators for pipeline fittings, automation equipment for industrial automation systems, development and execution of engineering projects. The headquarters is located in Cheboksary.

Legal name
ABS ZEiM Automation OJSC
Legal classification
Number of Employees (ranges)
500 – 999
Number of employees
Full address
The Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, I. Yakovlev Ave., 1
Founded date
Email address
Phone number
+7 (8352) 30-51-48
Fax number
+7 (8352) 30-51-11
Stock symbol
Company Operating Status


ABS ZEiM Automation OJSC has received a certificate of conformity of the Customs Union for the production and sale of explosion-proof MEO(F) mechanisms (certificate No. RU C-RU.GB04.V.00048) and explosion-proof drives of the PEM type (certificate No.RU C-RU.GB04.V.00131).


the plant celebrated its 55th anniversary. By the decree of the Head of the Republic Mikhail Ignatiev, ABS ZEiM Automation OJSC was awarded a Certificate of Honor of the Chuvash Republic for its contribution to the development of industry and achieved labor successes.


winner of the III degree of the republican contest "The best exporter of Chuvashia"


The quality service of ABS Automation JSC received a diploma of the competition "The best standardization Service" among enterprises and organizations of the Chuvash Republic


the beginning of the development of the production of current pipelines.


implementation of the environmental management system at the enterprise.


the launch of the modern workshop of the ABS Electro instrument production took place


release of the two-millionth MEO


the products of the plant were awarded Gold and Silver quality marks of the competition "All-Russian brand (III millennium). Quality mark of the XXI century", and also recognized as the winner of the All-Russian Program-contest "100 best goods of Russia"


The ZEiM quality system is certified by TUF-CERT (Germany) for compliance with ISO-9001.


The introduction of an integrated enterprise management system based on the principles of MRP II has begun. ZEiM is an active participant in the international project of the Economic Commission for Europe (EEC) UN "Energy Efficiency-2000".


the release of a half-million electric single-turn mechanism.


the production of the AKESR-1 complex and the PBR starter has been mastered.


ZEIM became a part of the Cheboksary industrial association "Prompribor".


the release of the first batch of the popular in the USSR slot machine "Marksman".


the first single-turn electric mechanism (MEO) of the serial batch MEO-63 and MEO-160 came off the assembly line, the development of MEO-25, MEO-10 has begun.


the plant has mastered the production of electric shavers "Volga".

June 3, 1958

the release of the first industrial batch of electric actuators IM—2/120 took place.


The construction of the Cheboksary Plant of Electric Actuators (ZEiM) has begun
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 Ze 'im

Russian machine-building enterprise.

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