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An artificial intelligence company with a personal robot data lawyer which can aid users in understanding their data rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. It is located in London, England and was founded in 2018.

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The product bases the actions of what it can do off of the General Data Protection Regulation, which gives citizens of the United Kingdom rights over their personal data. The application can be used on a mobile device and has the interface set up so that users can access important information about the spread of their personal data including what entities have it, what type of data they have, retrieving the data if desired, and the ability to monetize their data. Users can also utilize the application if there should be a data breachdata breach at a company where they use a service or if advertisements become too invasive based off of data that companies have of the individual user. Yo-Da can also ask any European company to erase a user's data and information.

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