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Yates Electrospace Corporation

Yates Electrospace Corporation

Yates Electrospace Corporation is a company designing, manufacturing, and flying electric aircraft founded in 2012 by William Morrison Yates III.

Yates Electrospace Corporation, also known as YEC, is a company designing and manufacturing flying electric aircraft that is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, and was founded in 2012 by William Morrison Yates III.

Silent Arrow

Silent Arrow is an electric compact airdrop drone capable of delivering payloads of up to 740 kilograms. The drone is made for delivering battlefield supplies and/or providing supplies for disaster relief. The majority of Silent Arrow is shipped inside a crate that also acts as the aircrafts body and payload storage unit. The create is 2.4 meters long and has a cargo volume of 750 litres (0.75 m2). An Aircraft tail and nose cone is shipped separately from the cargo crate.

The Silent arrow needs to be assembled by customers purchasing each unit. Silent Arrow requires a helicopter or airplane to lift the drone up to 460-7,600m above ground where it can be released and silently glide up to 60km to its final destination. Silent Arrow comes with a Mission Planner software platform for pre-programming flight paths for Silent Arrow missions.

The Silent Arrow costs between $15,000-$30,000 depending on purchase volume.


May 17, 2020
Yates Electrospace Corporation raises a $250,000 venture round.
November 4, 2019
Silent Arrow® Drone Secures USSOCOM Development Contract
September 9, 2019
Silent Arrow® 1-Ton Cargo Delivery Drone Unveiled in London
March 18, 2018
YEC Expands Drone Delivery Business with Fundamental Patent Award

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