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Accelerator batch companies

Starsky Robotics

Driverless truck company based in San Francisco, California.

Jumpcut creates online courses and is based in Los Angeles, California.

Drivezy, formerly JustRide, is a marketplace for self-drive cars and two-wheeler rentals, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Starcity is an American company that builds co-housing microapartments in which tenants pay for a private room with shared kitchens, bathrooms and other shared spaces.

Company manufacturing 3d printed pharmaceuticals based in San Francisco, CA

A company designing and developing application programming interface payments across Africa.

Validere is an artificial Intelligence company founded by Nouman Ahmad.

GoGoGrandparent is a company that is known for providing an automated concierge for seniors and their families allowing them to order rides, meals and groceries with their phones

​Nucypher​ is an online currency platform founded by MacLane Wilkison and Michael Egorov in 2015 and headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company offers a decentralized proxy re-encryption service.

Company working on in vitro diagnostics based in Canada.

NavTrac is an AI robotics technology company, offering autonomous drone security services and yard management systems.

A biotechnology company offering genomic testing of beef and dairy cattle.

A startup company that builds an AI-based collision avoidance system for drones.

A digital mortgage company that automatically gathers loan qualifying documents and data

Whyd is a company manufacturing voice assistant software for app developers and CE manufacturers.

An online marketplace for college programs, helping students search, compare and enroll in programs to save money on tuition in Brazil

Curtsy is an San Francisco-based fashion company. The company has an app that makes shopping and selling clothes easier.

A company providing a full-service kitchen stocked with snacks and beverages for employees

A travel company offering hotel booking service for luxury hotel suites in the world

A company developing and manufacturing automatic calorie-intake tracker

Robby Technologies are building self-driving robots to deliver food, groceries, and packages autonomously to users' doorsteps. Robby Technologies was founded by MIT PhDs in computer vision and robotics, participated in the Y Combinator (YC) program in 2016, and is now in regular service in the Bay Area

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