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Accelerator batch companies


Coinbase is a digital asset exchange company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It operates exchanges of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

A microventure capital firm and syndicate in California that focuses on seed and early stage investments.

Lever is an Applicant Tracking System which recruiters and hiring managers can use to track their candidates. The company participated in the S12 cohort of Y Combinator.

SmartAsset is a financial technology company that provides automated personalized financial advice. It participated in the S12 cohort of Y Combinator.

Instacart is an internet-based grocery delivery service company.

Zapier is an American for-profit corporation and a web-based service that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use.

Mattermark is a San Francisco-based company founded by Kevin Morrill, Danielle Morrill and Andy Sparks.

Benchling is a company based in San Francisco focusing on life science collaboration, both private and public, through creating cloud based software tools for digital DNA sequence editing, designing and running experiments, analyzing data, and sharing research.

Authy is a company providing an API for developers for customizing authentication for applications and authentication platform for enterprises.

Virool is a company providing a programmatic video marketing platform.

Double Robotics is a robotics company that participated in the S12 cohort of Y Combinator and is the creator of Double, a telepresence robot. Double allows a physical presence where a user can't be in person, for example, an office, classroom, or conference.

Eligible is a medical billing company founded in 2011 that aims to make it easier for patients to predict how much their health insurance will pay and how much they will pay out of pocket prior to visiting their doctor.

Plivo is a cloud-based Communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company allows software developers to integrate phone calls, text messages, and other communication functions into their applications using its web service APIs.

An insurance technology company offering a platform for finding and purchasing health insurance in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

Clever is a company providing a learning management system that allows schools and school districts to have a central location to manage their technology.

A company that creates food replacement products

Kamcord is a company providing a social media platform that allows its users to post and interact through video contents. It participated in the S12 cohort of Y Combinator.

MyVR is a company providing a cloud-based management platform for short-term rental businesses.

Boosted Boards is a company developing and building remote-controlled motorized electric longboards.

Vastrm is a company enabling users to purchase custom tailored shirts.

Airbrite is an e-commerce software company that helps small businesses and crowdfunding graduates process orders.

Survata is a marketing research company selling brand intelligence.

Submittable is a company providing a cloud-based submission management platform for magazine, journal and book publishers. It participated in the S12 cohort of Y Combinator.

9GAG is a cross-platform digital and social media network. It participated in the S12 cohort of Y Combinator.

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