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Xplora is a children's smartwatch company founded in 2016.

Xplora is a company that makes smartwatches designed for children. Xplora was founded in 2016 in Oslo, Norway, by Sten Kirkbak. All communication involving Xplora devices is encrypted, and the smartwatches are not connected to the internet to prevent hacking and cyberbullying.

X5 Play

The X5 Play is equipped with an Android OS, a camera, and 2G, 3G, and 4G capabilities. The watch is available with and without a SIM card, making the phone call feature optional. With the SIM card, the X5 Play can make and receive phone calls from up to fifty approved contacts. It can also receive text messages. Through the watch's location tracking ability, geographical Safe Zones can be created by parents, who will get notifications on their smartphones if the watch is taken out of the set boundaries. X5 Play is compatible with Goplay, Xplora's gaming platform that rewards users based on their physical activity.


The XGO3 has phone, messaging, and voice messaging capabilities. Like the X5 Play, the XGO3 is equipped with GPS and the Safe Zone feature, a camera, and a step-counter for Goplay connectivity. It also has an alarm.


XMOVE is a physical activity tracking watch. It provides heart rate and sleep monitoring and connects to smartphones via Bluetooth to display social media messages and notifications. It is compatible with the Goplay platform.


Goplay is Xplora's platform that rewards children based on the number of steps they take while wearing the watch. One Xplora Coin is awarded for every 1,000 steps taken. Xplora Coins can be used to play games, join competitions, and be exchanged for real items in the Xplora Coin Exchange. With Play for Good, steps can be used as donations to one of Xplora's connected charity campaigns. Completed campaigns include a clean water project with UNICEF and scholarships given away in collaboration with Black Girls Code.


November 18, 2020
Xplora announces its initial public offering (IPO) after raising NOK 100 million in equity.
October 7, 2020
Xplora raises a $11,079,680 initial public offering from DNB Asset Management.
Xplora is founded.

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