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Wyld Networks Limited

Wyld Networks Limited

Wyld Networks is a Cambridge, UK-based company that makes wireless networking hardware.

Wyld Networks is a developer of a scalable mesh network and low-power networking applications that help developers and system integrators develop networks in difficult locations, with bandwidth limitations, to meet the need for constant network connectivity. The company's products and services can deliver connectivity for sensors and devices for the Internet of Things and help business owners with their data and data quality.

Smartphone Mesh Network

Wyld Networks is a developer of a technology for connecting and engaging people in work places, retail spaces, stadiums, and at events. Through cloud streaming, device-to-device mesh connectivity, and rich geolocation services, Wyld Mesh delivers mobile notifications and content through a smartphone-to-smartphone mesh network. These networks are infrastructure-lite wireless networks with real-time, location-aware content delivery and analytics capable of delivering relevant content to the right person, dependent on behavior or location. As well, the company suggests the network is resilient, self-forming, self-healing, and secure, based on its nature.

The network is designed to keep users secure, with standards-based ECDH Keys, AES GSM 256 bit Encryption, and ECDSA signatures. Sensitive data is kept on the phone and encrypted if necessary, although policy-based options for the network are stored in a secure dictionary. And the company rotates network keys to maintain security.

COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wyld Networks developed the company's smartphone mesh network to help identify the amount of people in a given area and the spacing between those people, to monitor and ensure a safe environment for employees and others. This network was also able to monitor social distancing and monitor how people interact with an environment. This use case is intended to help corporations and others keep their employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Internet of Things connectivity

Wyld Networks offers two wireless connectivity solutions. The first of those is a sensor-to-satellite connectivity solution, which allows sensors and devices to communicate with low Earth orbit satellites. This solution can help in agriculture, asset tracking, and maritime or environmental monitoring. The low power LoRaWAN sensor-to-satellite connectivity Wyld Networks offers helps with monitoring in areas where cellular coverage or other types of coverage do not reach.

The second type of IoT network solution offered by Wyld Networks is the company's terrestrial IoT networks that use software stacks, IoT modems, and embedded modules to deliver data from sensors and devices to repeaters and IoT gateways and into a cloud computing situation. The hardware and software solutions are designed by Wyld Networks in order to provide compatibility between devices and IoT networks, and to help enable the secure and stable connectivity IoT requires to work properly.


Wyld Networks suggests using its IoT network connectivity for agricultural monitoring of livestock or crops. The network and sensor-to-satellite capability offers new ways for agriculture to monitor a field. The system can collect data on soil temperature and moisture, pollution levels, weather conditions and rainfall, crop growth, livestock conditions, and location data. These can increase productivity, offer farmers a chance to know when or what solutions to implement, and reduce crop and livestock loss.

Environmental monitoring

Similar to agricultural monitoring, Wyld Networks suggests utilizing the company's IoT networking systems for environmental monitoring. The networks are capable of soil sensing, air quality monitoring, flood detection monitoring, UV and radiation detection, and water quality monitoring. The company suggests these solutions offer new ways to monitor and better understand the environment, while informing people of how environments interact.

Wyld Fusion

Wyld Fusion is Wyld Networks' platform-as-a-service product that integrates capabilities for diverse applications, services, APIs, and data stores. Wyld Fusion also offers enterprises a system to build services and applications for the delivery of real-time, location-aware information across multiple wireless networks. These built systems are also able, through Wyld Fusion, to connect and integrate into third party systems, according to Wyld Networks. Wyld Fusion overall offers a content delivery and data analytics platform capable of building out new services dependent on user needs.


Wyld Networks offers two modem technologies from which their IoT networks run. The first is the AM094 wireless modem, which operates at 868 and 915 MHz and includes the companies TRIoT stack. The stack includes a wireless M-Bus, LoRa, and LoRaWAN, Wyld Networks IoT connectivity systems. The company suggests the AM094 modem is best used in smart metering, building automation, and smart city applications that can use the company's proprietary networking technology. The wireless modem supports low current standby for battery-powered applications and can be integrated into any of Wyld Networks' other hardware and software products.


The second modem technology offered by Wyld Networks is the AM095, which operates at 169 and 868 MHz and includes the same proprietary TRIoT stack as the AM094. The company suggests the AM095 is best for use in configurations up to 100 mW of transmission power output, whereas the AM095 offers an integrated and effective solution for sub-1GHz applications. The modem uses an AT command interface and supports very low current standby for battery-powered applications and is capable of being integrated with other Wyld Networks software and hardware products.


Wyld Networks Limited has partnered with Ascom, IoT Horizon, and IRIS IoT Solutions.


May 18, 2021
Cambridge technology business Wyld Networks has secured a £400,000 investment in the form of a Convertible Unsecured Loan Note, to strengthen its growing pipeline of opportunities in mobile mesh networks and wireless IoT connectivity.
May 18, 2021
Wyld launches new mobile mesh technology to create communication networks and monitor social distancing in the enterprise
May 20, 2020
Wyld Networks works with NHS Highland and Highland Health Ventures to integrate mesh technology into new mobile app to help prevent spread of COVID-19 in care homes
May 12, 2020
Wyld Networks Limited raises a $568,500 convertible note.
July 3, 2019
Wyld Networks Limited raises a $172,000 grant from Innovate UK.
June 27, 2016
Wyld Networks Limited was founded by Stephen Clarke.

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