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Wonkey Donkey NFT

Wonkey Donkey NFT

Wonkey Donkey is a den of degenerate donkeys that their careless farm owners somehow neglected

According to the team behind the project, Wonkey Donkey is a den of degenerate donkeys that their careless farm owners somehow neglected. The NFT’s elaborate backstory goes as far as informing future holders that these Wonkey Donkeys were mistreated and experimented on by ruthless humans, and now, they seek vengeance.

The project’s collection comprises 10,000 Wonkey Donkey NFTs, each distinct from each other and will be given randomly generated traits that will affect its overall value later on. Interestingly enough, the project starts with a prize system that allows ten percent of total funds raised from minting pieces of the collection to be allocated to prizes for the holders once minting is done. The rarity of the holder’s NFT will determine how much of the prize they will be receiving later on.

There will be five multi-colored NFTs that will bless its users with 4 ETH each, ten gold NFTs will be winning 2 ETH, fifteen NFTs with a silver shine will win 1 ETH each, twenty bronze NFTs will win 0.5 ETH, and the remaining 15 ETH will be raffled off to fifteen random holders 48 hours after launch.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though, as an additional $300,000 is added to the pool for three lucky holders to split between them. So if a holder is fortunate enough to mint a winking NFT, they are automatically a recipient of $100,000—until a villain steals half of it. According to the team behind the unusual project, there will be three villains from the pool of 10,000 NFTs, and they will have the opportunity to steal half of the main prize from the three winners. More information about the prize system is found on the project’s Discord channel, but all gimmicks aside, holders of Wonkey Donkey NFTs will be given the same access to the community.

Of course, the project is not just going to be launched for the sake of capitalization; the team behind Wonkey Donkey aims to provide insight and clues to the unspoken cruelty that donkeys face on a daily basis so that they would be able to help decrease the trauma these four-legged mammals experience.

“We will be releasing an eComic book featuring a gang of Wonkey Donkeys that form a squad to fight back against the evil farm owners,” the developers shared. They also add that these eComic books will be limited, and the proceeds will be donated to numerous charities and fund campaigns that they associate with. “We want to help by donating some of the funds raised to donkey sanctuaries and using more funds to help support anti-donkey cruelty campaigns.”

Holders of the Wonkey Donkey token will also receive benefits within Digital Fever. Digital Fever is the team behind the NFT collection. These benefits include networking events and educational courses.

Unlike many NFT brands nowadays, Wonkey Donkey is a community-driven project determined to prioritize full transparency over anything else. Therefore, the project assures its holders that they are trustworthy people and guarantees them that each selected trait is verifiably random and is generated in real-time as holders mint, kissing goodbye deferred trait reveals.

In addition, it seems that the team behind the project has come up with a distinct ticketing system for the community that allows minters to claim their NFTs when gas fees are at an all-time low.


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February 9, 2022


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