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February 14, 2022

5 reasons to invest in education (and how connectivity transforms education)

Since 1948 the United Nations declared education as a fundamental human right and, over time it has been evident that education is the most powerful asset in our future. More than 70 years have passed and education is still inaccessible for many, despite the amount of access to different tools that allow us to find an unlimited source of knowledge such as the internet. This is why if you still doubt the power of education, we want to give you five reasons to invest and believe in it:

1. Education promotes opportunities for well-being and increases the quality of life:

Allowing more people to have access to quality education, opens up opportunities for them to develop in more empirical and profitable environments. Letting them achieve new job opportunities with better incomes improves their lifestyles and generates wellbeing for their families and communities.

2. Education breaks down social barriers:

Education not only works as a knowledge tool but also empowers decisions, as an opportunity to grow as an individual, explore, learn about diversity and expand the mind. In societies with higher educational rates, most of the cases have lower crime and inequality. The reason for this is that they have more opportunities and tend to be happier and healthier.

3. The new generations are waiting for knowledge:

Knowledge expands the mind of people and course has changed very fast, the new generations are aware of the available tools to generate a greater rapprochement every day. In addition, interactive teaching methods, enable teachers to give more attention to individual students according to their needs, support shared learning, and connect with their students in different ways.

4. Education benefits communities:

In Latin America, many of the communities are located far away from the big cities. This situation makes it difficult to access basic needs such as medicine, food, and education. Investing in education allows people from different communities to study and be trained to cover the needs of their community, turning the benefit not only as an individual but also as collective well-being for the entire community.

5. Education promotes interpersonal relationships:

Generating conversations around topics of interest allows you to grow personally and professionally. Promoting these discussions is an essential key in education where different points of view can be considered. This develops oral and interpersonal skills as highly sought-after skills for work environments that open other types of job opportunities.

For Wayru, education and connectivity are essential aspects to reduce the gap that separates us from one another. Our main objective is to connect more than a million people in five years. Allowing them not only Internet access to be a key tool for improving their quality of life, but also connectivity allows them to carry an educational tool.

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