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WRKBR (Unkillable)

WRKBR (Unkillable)

A company that facilitates the growing process for start-ups. It has offices in London, England and was founded in 2009.

Unkillable is a venture capital company that specializes in aiding founders of start-ups with advancing their businesses via its own "growth lab".


The company manufactures software and looks for opportunities to further their own objectives and key results. The focus of the company is on Internet providers in the United Kingdom, adjusting software related to algorithmic cryptocurrency, and giving guidance to other start-ups to grow their businesses.

Unkillable's growth lab teaches start-ups how to prioritize the actions needed to be taken across departments, staff, and steps of its business funnel in order to be successful. This part of the company does not focus on marketing but rather on tactical processes, team structure, decision logic, and important prioritization. The stated goal is to challenge, teach, implement, iterate on, and maintain the processes that make growth happen.The company works with its clients on a weekly basis to set and maintain goals for the growth of the business.



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