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Vivian Suter

Vivian Suter

Vivian Suter is a Swiss-Argentinian artist who is known for her unique incorporation of natural materials into her paintings.

Vivian Suter is a Swiss-Argentinian artist known for using natural and organic materials in her paintings. She is the daughter of Elisabeth Wild, an Austrian-Argentinian collage artist. Suter did not receive much public attention for her work until 2011, when she helped recreate a group exhibition she had been part of in 1981 at the Kunsthalle Basel. Suter has had a number of solo exhibits, including at Tate Liverpool in Liverpool, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, and the Kunstmuseum Olten in Olten.

Art style

Suter's work is heavily influenced by the elements of nature. She combines different natural and organic materials like rainwater, mud, and fish glue with paint to create a unique medium. The idea was born mostly from necessity due to low income, as well as living far away from paint suppliers in her Guatemalan home. Another unique characteristic of her work is how she treats and displays her canvases. Suter paints on stretched out canvases, then typically incorporates an outside influence by doing things like leaving them outdoors in the wind and rain, burying them in the ground, or letting her dogs walk on them. When the paintings are finished, she displays them vertically from large racks all in a row, like a coat rack.

A Vivian Suter installation at Gladstone Gallery, NY (photo David Regen)


August 26, 1949
Vivian Suter was born in Buenos Aires.


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