Vivera is a food company producing plant-based meat alternatives that is located in Holten, Netherlands, and was founded in 1990. Vivera plant-based products are primarily made from soybeans, chickpeas, corn, rice and potatoes.

Vivera is a food company that was founded in 1990, and is located in Holten, Netherlands. The company makes plant-based meat alternatives primarily out of soybeans, lupine, chickpeas, vegetarian cheese, beans, corn, rice, and potatoes. Vivera tries to source all their ingredients from local Dutch farmers, and sources some Non-GMO soybeans from North America. Vivera is a member of the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association.

Vivera is focused on conducting their business in a sustainable manner. Vivera claims their water purification system used to make their products saves an estimated 900 tons of C02 emissions per year, and that they use 23% less plastic in their packages than the average packaged product on the shelves at supermarkets. The cardboard packaging used for all Vivera products is made from cardboard that is approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, ensuring the cardboard is made using wood that is sustainably harvested from well managed woodlands.

On May 21, 2018, Vivera launched the world's first 100% plant-based commercially available steak alternative available in 400 Tesco stores, and throughout the Netherlands and Belgium as of June 11, 2018. During the first week of Vivera's plant-based steak in Tesco stores, the company sold over 40,000 vegan steaks. Vivera's plant-based steaks are meant to replicated beef steaks in texture, appearance, and flavor.


Plant-based meat alternatives made by Vivera are either raw or pre-cooked and fall under 4 categories: Vegetarian, 100% Vegetable-Based, Lupine, and Organic.

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Fresh Lupine Sausages


57% rehydrated LUPINE and pea protein, 12% CHEESE, sunflower oil, potato starch, water, CHICKEN EGG PROTEIN (free range), dextrose, salt, potato fibre, red pepper, rice flour, potato protein, onion, herbs and spices, flavouring (contains SOY), red beetroot powder, maltodextrin, onion powder, WHEAT FIBRE, yeast extract, dried glucose syrup, tomato, garlic powder, sugar, chilli powder, garlic, tomato powder, carrot powder, iron, vitamin B12.

Lupine Schnitzel


58% rehydrated LUPINE and pea protein, bread crumbs, (WHEAT FLOUR, water, quinoa seed, yeast, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, salt), sunflower oil, water, CHICKEN EGG PROTEIN (free range), natural flavouring, pea fibres, WHEAT FLOUR, spices, psyllium, WHEAT STARCH, salt, onion, garlic, corn starch, maltodextrin, iron, vitamin B12.

Vivera Balls


71% rehydrated SOY- and WHEAT PROTEIN, potato starch, sunflower oil, onion, CHICKEN EGG PROTEIN (free range), flavourings, herbs and spices, WHEAT FIBRE, salt, potato fibre, onion powder, dextrose, maltodextrin, iron, vitamin B12.

Vivera BBQ Package


54% rehydrated SOY- and WHEAT protein, 9% vegetables (carrot, peas, red pepper, onions, sweet corn, tomato), rapeseed oil, potato starch, sun flower oil, CHICKEN EGG PROTEIN (free range), dextrose, red onion, inverted sugar syrup, salt, flavourings, WHEAT FIBRES, onion powder, herbs and spices, yeast extract, colouring (caramel), hydrolysed corn protein, potato fibre, rice flour, maltodextrin, spice extract, WHEAT STARCH, garlic powder, tomato powder, antioxidant (E330), dried glucose syrup, iron, vitamin B12

Vivera Burger


72% rehydrated SOY and WHEAT PROTEIN, potato starch, sunflower oil, red onion, onion, CHICKEN EGG PROTEIN (free range), natural flavouring, dextrose, flavouring, onion powder, WHEAT FIBRE, salt, herbs and spices, garlic powder, tomato powder, maltodextrin, iron and vitamin B12.

Vivera Organic Balls


55% rehydrated SOY- and WHEAT PROTEIN, onions, organic breadcrumbs (organic WHEAT FLOUR, salt, yeast), organic palm oil, EGG WHITE (free range), organic OAT BRAN, organic potato, organic sunflower oil, dextrose, biological WHEAT FLOUR, salt, dried glucose syrup, spices, organic rice flour, organic burnt sugar, organic carrot, thickener (guar gum).

Vivera Oriental Slice

100% Vegetable-Based

71% rehydrated SOYA and WHEAT PROTEIN, breadcrumbs (WHEAT flour, colorant (annatto)), sunflower oil, onion, herbs and spices, thickener (methylcellulose), salt, sugar, dried glucose syrup, WHEAT flour, garlic, water, molasses, natural flavors (contains WHEAT), WHEAT STARCH, corn starch, vinegar, SOYBEAN, maltodextrin, WHEAT, iron, vitamin B12

Vivera Schnitzel

100% Vegetable-Based

70% rehydrated SOYA and WHEAT PROTEIN, breadcrumbs (WHEAT flour, salt), sunflower oil, thickener (methylcellulose), WHEAT FLOUR, salt, natural flavors, onion, WHEAT STARCH, potato fibers, dried glucose syrup, dextrose, corn starch, maltodextrin, spices, iron, herbal extract, spice extract, vitamin B12.

Vivera Vegetable Balls


40% rehydrated SOY- and WHEAT PROTEIN, 25% vegetables (carrot, peas, sweet corn, red pepper, onions, tomato), sunflower oil, potato starch, CHICKEN EGG PROTEIN (free range), flavourings, dextrose, potato fibre, WHEAT FIBRE, herbs and spices, salt, rice flour, spice extracts, maltodextrin, onion powder, garlic powder, dried glucose syrup, onion, yeast extract, iron and vitamin B12.

Vivera Vegetable Slice

100% Vegetable-Based

63% vegetables (onion, corn, carrot, leeks, green peppers, green beans, peas), 26% rehydrated SOYA PROTEIN, potato starch, flavorings, thickener (methylcellulose), herbs and spices, potato protein, sunflower oil, sea salt, potato fibers, maltodextrin, iron, vitamin B12.

Vivera Zigeuner Schnitzel

100% Vegetable-Based

66% rehydrated SOY- and WHEAT PROTEIN, WHEAT FLOUR, water, sunflower oil, thickener (methylcellulose), salt, flavourings, potato protein, herbs and spices, WHEAT STARCH, onion, green paprika, red pepper, maize starch, paprika powder, onion, garlic, maltodextrin, yeast, iron, colour (annatto), garlic powder, vitamin B12.



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Vivera Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Burger
Vivera Chicken Pieces
Vivera Mince
Vivera Escalopes
Vivera Burger
Vivera Greek Kebab
Vivera Meatballs
Vivera Shawarma
Vivera Chicken Goujons BBQ
Vivera Bacon Pieces
Vivera Pulled Pork
Pulled pork
Vivera Steak
Vivera Chicken Tenders
Vivera Fish Fillet
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