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VideoCoin Network

VideoCoin Network

The VideoCoin Network is an API-first, decentralized video platform.

VideoCoin - what is it?

VideoCoin - a decentralized video encoding, storage and content distribution network.


Modern cloud video infrastructure that powers a variety of video applications on the internet – like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Twitch and Amazon Video – consists of a common set of technologies that enable video streaming. We describe the basic building blocks below.

Video Infrastructure

Video> Source> Encoding> Storage> CDN> Player

Cloud Video Infrastructure has three core components:

• Encode - Creating video bitstreams that match requirements of a client - Typically a video is consumed on different devices and each device has its own codec, colorspace and resolution requirements. Encoding and transcoding makes playback on different devices possible by taking a source video and transcoding it to match device requirements. Modern video infrastructure makes use of codecs like H265, H264, VP9 and VP8 to achieve high degrees of compression, but it comes at the cost of high CPU requirements.

• Store - Storing Video in different formats, bitrates and codecs post encoding - With increased resolution Video files are occupying more storage space than ever before and 4K videos are now the preferred format for consumption for high-end devices. End-consumers view videos in an ever increasing number of devices and encoding for each device just in time is compute intensive. Thus, videos are typically encoded once and stored in a storage network for later consumption.

• Deliver - Delivering chunks of video over the Internet using servers that are geographically in close proximity to consumer - To deliver a good user experience by avoiding long buffering times, videos are generally cached in a location geographically close to the end-consumer. Modern video infrastructure uses content delivery networks to provide with this function.


VideoCoin implements decentralized versions of core video infrastructure components and creates a new class of video miners who compete with other miners to earn rewards by providing CPU and/or GPU cycles for video encoding, disk

space for video storage and Internet bandwidth for CDN services. These video miners can run on data center servers, household desktop computers or even mobile phones, creating a powerful network of computers which would otherwise go unused. In fact, over 30% of Data Center servers are comatose. VideoCoin incentivizes miners to use such unused resources and provide as much compute, storage and bandwidth available.


November 7, 2017
Vivid Labs - formerly VideoCoin (@VividLabsHQ) | Twitter


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