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VN Art Exchange

VN Art Exchange

An art exchange community that gives you an society that not only exchanges art but also lets you enjoy and share your emotions with others, as well as places to study and learn creative skills from reputable artists.

Art Exchange and Introduction Company - AEIC is a joint-stock company active in the field of trade and consultancy related to arts products and arts event activities.

AEIC is a trusted source for many reputable art collectors, who exchange and advise many generations of art and academics.

AEIC has proudly experienced over 200 major art exhibitions over the past 20 years. Introduce the artwork of over 332 authors to the public at home country and abroad.

AEIC is a partner with over 332 Artists, Owners and Art Galleries not only in the country but also in the world. The authors, artists and collaborators of AEIC have a diverse age range, each with its own personality and artistic style.

AEIC creates an environment that can display art products, event related art and perform cultural exchanges, purchase art products, Restoration, evaluation of artistic products. With e-commerce, AEIC creates a playground, a trading floor and a community connection point for arts and crafts.

Senior Artist, Indochinese art artists affirm their illustrious names as artists Bui Xuan Phai, Nguyen Tu Nghiem, Van Binh, Nguyen Tien Chung, Pham Viet Song, Ta Ty, Tran Van Can, Duong Ngoc Canh, Hoang Cong Luan, Luu Cong Nhan, Bui Quang Ngoc, Vinh Phoi, Van Da, Pham Cong Thanh, Nguyen Thu …

The middle-aged artists: Thanh Chuong, Tran Nguyen Dung, Hoang Dang Nhuan, Pham Viet Hong Lam, Tran Chatch, Le Tri Dung, Doan Chau, Dinh Quan, Trinh Sinh Nha, Dao Thanh Duy, Pham Minh Hai, Hung. Viet Dung, Van Chien, Thu Hang, Kim Binh Nguyen Nhu Quang, Le Tuan Anh, Phan Cam Thuong ...

And another source of art is the younger generation of artists are also being sought and discovered through exhibitions such as Dang Manh Ha, Le Nguyen Manh, Luu Bao Trung, Dong Tien, Phuong Thao ...


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