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VIPER Dota 2 Hero

VIPER Dota 2 Hero

The toxins it spits out weaken and slow the enemy.


Poisonous Viper brings death to any of its victims. The toxins he spits out weaken and slow the enemy, and Viper just does what he does best, continue to exude poison.

Poisonous toxins chip away armor and slow enemies.

It was foolhardy to try and tame a Netherdrake, a lesson the old wizard learned in death. Freed from his captor, Viper spread his wings and went forth to explore the surface world. With Poison Attacks imbued with innocuous liquid, causing joints to harden, crippling foes whether they choose to flee or fight. Nethertoxin spreads throughout their bodies, turning wounds into fatalities, and fatigue into death. The Netherdrake's tough, Corrosive Skin protects against spell-craft, and burns assailants with acid. But it is the dreaded Viper Strike that signals the beginning of the end. The afflicted victim staggers to a crawl, barely able to take its next step. If the Netherdrake doesn't finish his targets off, the venom in their veins will.


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