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Urubit is a cryptocurrency organization founded by Santino Veiga.

URUBIT is a Smart Contract deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. The main features of URUBIT are the automatic redistribution of static rewards, the low transfer rate (6% in total), and its deflationary burning mechanic.​Our biggest concern in creating URUBIT was the creation of an inevitable inflationary bubble and the imminent collapse of its price. That is why we adopt the deflationary measures that URUBIT currently has, to keep its price stable and strong to maintain the confidence of the token's holders.​ Static rewards for holders​One of the main objectives of URUBIT is to ensure the peace of mind of its holders and reward them while also promoting saving through static rewards, ensuring passive income.For each transaction of URUBITs that is made from one wallet to another, 3% of the total amount of the transaction is divided and distributed among all holders of the token depending on the amount they own.​ U-Wallet​U-Wallet is URUBit's official mobile phone wallet.

The application is currently available on the Google Play Store and it will be published for IOS shortly. ​Our main objective when developing U-Wallet is to add vital and original functionality to our project since its launch.​ U-Wallet is currently compatible with the Binance Smart Chain. Support for the Ethereum blockchain is already taking place in our development plans. U-Wallet has a WEB3 browser for DApps integrated with the WalletConnect connection system to provide greater ease for the user. Our application also stands out in its biometric security, the possibility of adding custom tokens, the management, creation, and import of unlimited wallets, and its automatic gas rate calculator thanks to the service.​Transaction fees​ URUBit has a 3% transaction fee, which is distributed among all holders in each transaction, and another 3% fee for the automatic burn of the supply.


May 22, 2021
URUBIT (@URUBITglobal) | Twitter


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