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Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

UAM - La Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - UAM, es una universidad pública que combina enseñanza de calidad, investigación y una elevada inserción laboral.

The Autonomous University of Madrid (Spanish: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; UAM), commonly known as simply la Autónoma, is a Spanish public university located in Madrid, Spain. The university was founded in 1968 alongside the Autonomous University of Barcelona, in Barcelona. UAM is widely respected as one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. According to the highly regarded QS World University Rankings 2022, UAM is ranked as the top university in Spain.

The campus of the university spans a rural tract of 650 acres (260 ha), mostly around metropolitan Madrid. Founded in 1968, its main campus, Cantoblanco, is located near the cities of Alcobendas, San Sebastián de los Reyes and Tres Cantos. UAM's Cantoblanco Campus holds most of the university's facilities. It is located 15 km (9.3 mi) north of Madrid and has an extension of over 2,200,000 m2 (24,000,000 sq ft). Of these, nearly 770,000 m2 (8,300,000 sq ft) are urbanised and about a third of them garden areas. UAM offers 94 doctorate programs in all of the universities studies. It also offers 88 master's degrees. According to a study carried out by the newspaper El Mundo, in 2013, UAM was the best university in the country to study biology, Nursing, Medicine, Physics and Law, within the 50 careers with the highest demand.


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Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


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