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United Wagon Company

United Wagon Company

United Wagon Company is a mechanical engineering company founded in 2012.


United Wagon Company is a Moscow-based industrial manufacturing company that specializes in railcar building. It develops and produces transportation technologies in the 1520 gauge space.The company states that it has over 8,000 employees and is the number one producer of new generation railcars in the Russian Federation.

Products and services

The company has a research and development complex where its employees develop and produce railcars that possess improved technical indicators, allowing for the railcars to operate in a more productive manner.United Wagon Company also has a production plant called Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant, where its railcars are produced. The plant is capable of producing up to 22,000 railcars per year as well as 30,000 cast railcar sets.Its railcars are available to be bought and can also be leased through a long-term rental.If the railcars need to be serviced, the company has created a service network where customers can have their railcars serviced through warranty and post-warranty services. Its main service center is located at its production plant, and there are service stations throughout the rail area.


United Wagon Company also provides tank containers on fitting platforms and tank cars through the company UNICON 1520. The partnership with this company allows for customers to access services for larger bulk cargo and to be able to ship such cargo to usually more isolated places.



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April 1, 2022


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