Unibio International

Unibio International

Unibio is a biotechnology company based in Denmark that specializes in fermentation technology. The company developed a single cell protein called Uniprotein.

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Unibio International

Meeting the needs of the 10 billion

Unibio is a biotechnology company based in Denmark.


Unibio is a pioneering venture in the biotechnology sector and has its operational base in Denmark. The company was founded in 2014 and in 2015 it acquired Unibio A/S, the Danish operating company, which was established in 2001.


The company owns a fermentation technology capable of developing a patented single cell protein (SCP), called Uniprotein®Uniprotein. The fermenter design utilizing methanotroph bacteria to convert methane into biomass with a high protein content. Uniprotein®Uniprotein has been approved in the EU for animal feed and can substitute traditional proteins in all livestock and seafood feed such as fishmeal. In September 2018 Uniprotein®Uniprotein was approved for use in organic systems by OF&G, Organic Farmers & Growers.

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