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TrueDialog is a cloud-based SMS texting company

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TrueDialog is a cloud-based SMS texting company that has power scalable, personalized messaging solutions that allows for enterprises and small businesses to reach their customer base. Its Enterprise-Grade SMS texting software is built for business of any size. Based in Austin, TexasTexas, Truedialog has over 10 years of experience providing direct carrier connections, a diven ISO 9001 cloud database with 99.9% uptime and tons of pre-built, customizable features developed from years of carefully listening to customers. Users can send mass or 1 on 1 texts, or utilize the "truedialog" feature which enables a more seamless, team based conversion. The enterprise platform includes a contact center SMS solution, professional administrative controls, mobile apps, Microsoft dynamics, and more. In addition, it offers dozens of features such as team based 2 way texting, a multi-channel alert system, voice calls, email, surveys, a scheduling engine, and more.

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