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Trenton Garmon

Trenton Garmon

Civil rights and personal injury attorney.

Trenton Garmon is a civil rights and personal injury attorney. His law firm Garmon & Associates is based in Alabama, but associates are licensed to serve people in Virginia, Florida, and Tennessee as well.

Early Career & Education

Trenton Garmon worked at his father's law firm while he was in high school. At age 17 he wrote his first successful court filing. He wrote the Response to Motion for Summary Judgement and the supporting brief.

In college, Trenton Garmon wrote a second brief. This brief went to the Court of Civil Appeals, and overturned an improper ruling by a Circuit Court Judge.

While Trenton attended the Birmingham School of Law, he organized the Christian Legal Society with another lawyer and served as the organization's Chaplin. During this time Trenton clerked for Clay Hornsby at Morris, Haynes and Hornsby.

Trenton Garmon attended Troy University where he played football and baseball.

After graduating from Troy University, Garmon earned his Master's of Theology at Regent University.


Trenton Garmon has been involved in 100 cases through litigation to a judicial decision. Of these 100 trials, Trenton has lost three.

Garmon has worked on more than 4,000 cases. One case was a medical malpractice suite where the victim's family received $2 million in damages.

Trenton Garmon has participated in cases from the American Center for Law and Justice. The Thomas More Society hired him as a paid counsel and has placed him on retainer.

Trenton is a member of the Alabama State Bar, the United States Federal Court for the Northern District and the United States Federal Court for the Middle District. He offered 150 hours of pro bono services for three years in a row and received an appointment to the Alliance Defending Freedom's Honor Corp in 2013.



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