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Trader Joe

Trader Joe

One-stop Decentralized Trading on Avalanche.

Trader Joe is one-stop decentralized trading platform on the Avalanche network. Trader Joe is combine DEX services with DeFi lending to offer leveraged trading.

About Trader Joe

Founded in June 2021 by 0xMurloc and Cryptofish.

The origins of Trader Joe were born from a blended desire, to create a unique and truly innovative trading platform that would resonate with the emerging superiority of the Avalanche blockchain, whilst also serving a global and burgeoning audience at the frontier of the decentralised finance industry.

Since launching, the platform has attracted over $4bn in assets and has gained backing from some of the most widely recognised investors in the industry.

Brand Values

What does the Trader Joe brand stand for?

1. Community first approach

2. Innovation, speed and safety

3. DeFi accessibility & freedom for all

The Core Brand Values

1. Provide a one-stop-shop DeFi experience, for everyone

2. Stay lean and agile, build with speed and never compromise on safety

3. Innovate at the frontier of DeFi and push boundaries for the betterment of the community

Brand Personality

Who is Trader Joe? He is your best buddy, who lives just down the road

1. A relatable brand, with a persona that emits a genuine sense of warmth

2. Community first focus with a light-hearted and fun nature

3. Trader Joe is a central figure of the Community

4. Trader Joe’s main tool is hard-work and innovation, he aims to provide new solutions and experiences. Pushing the frontier of the DeFi industry, for everyone

The Vision

Trader Joe has set out to serve the community at the frontiers of DeFi by innovating, building fast and most importantly, building securely. The ultimate goal is to build a trading platform, that provides users with a true ‘one-stop-shop’ DeFi experience.

Come to Trader Joe and Swap, Stake, Farm, Lend, Borrow, and Leverage … Do it all under one roof. Users of the Platform will have the ability to immerse themselves into a fully integrated, highly accessible DeFi Trading Platform.

Features at Trader Joe

1. Trade. Trade between tokens with our automated market maker (AMM) exchange.

2. Farm. Stake LP tokens into Farms and earn JOE in return.

3.Stake. Stake JOE tokens to earn more JOE tokens, by sharing protocol revenue generated.

4. Borrow. Users can lend and borrow tokens from Banker Joe.


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