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Thomas Neyhart

Thomas Neyhart

Thomas Neyhart is the CEO of PosiGen, a solar energy company focused on serving minority communities. Neyhart has over 25 years of management experience across the real estate, construction, and energy industries, and continues to be a sought-after speaker as the Posigen CEO.

Thomas Neyhart is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PosiGen, a solar energy company focused on serving minority communities. Neyhart has over 25 years of management experience across the real estate, construction, and energy industries, and continues to be a sought-after speaker as the Posigen CEO.

Professional Career

Colortyme was the first major business that Thomas Neyhart owned. The business provided furnishings to low- and moderate-income communities, which were the types of communities that Neyhart continues to work with today. He eventually ceased ownership of Colortyme in 2012, after 21 years of ownership.

Utica Rentals

Neyhart was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Utica Rentals for a span of 10 years. Utica Rentals is a large retail chain that maintains 32 rental locations across six states, and it has more than 165 employees.

During much of this time as COO, Neyhart was also a franchisee of Utica Rentals. He was recognized as one of the company’s Top 10 Franchisees of the Year for eight out of nine years. He was also named Franchisee of the Year one year.

TNL Enterprises, Inc.

After leaving Utica Rentals, Neyhart joined TNL Enterprises, Inc. as the company’s President. TNL Enterprises is a construction staffing search firm that has placed more than 2,500 professionals in positions. The company is based in Metairie, Louisiana but offers staffing services throughout the United States. Neyhart continues to serve as President.


Neyhart became the PosiGen CEO. PosiGen is based in New Orleans, Louisiana yet serves minority communities in Louisiana, Florida, Connecticut, and New York. The company utilizes local, state, and federal programs to help minority and low-income residents access renewable solar power. Neyhart was instrumental in helping the company forge a major partnership in Connecticut, as well as securing many other opportunities.

During his tenure as PosiGen's CEO, Neyhart has set the company on a path of tremendous growth. The company has raised $35 million in equity and $100 million in tax equity, and it’s also established credit lines of over $100 million. PosiGen was named the fastest-growing American company in 2014. It was also listed on the 5000 Fastest-GrowingFastest-Growing Private Companies twice in a row.

In addition to its growth accolades, PosiGen has been recognized with several other notable awards. The Secretary of Defense gave the company the Patriotic Employer Award, and it received the Blue Ribbon Award from the United States Chamber of Commerce. PosiGen has also been recognized by Harvard multiple times.

Leadership Roles

Thomas Neyhart has held several leadership positions within professional organizations and other companies. He is a former five-year President of the Louisiana Rental Dealers Association. He continues to be on the Technical Review Panel of the NREL Solar Future Study and is also holds membership with the Society of American Military Engineers. Neyhart is also on the Energy Division Inclusion Council’s Board of Directors.


Thomas Neyhart graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree.


Throughout his career, Thomas Neyhart has been recognized with several accolades in addition to those noted above. Business Insider named him one of the 27 Coolest New Businessmen in New Orleans in 2014, and Goldman Sachs listed him among the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2014. 


May 26, 2021
Under the guidance of Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen recently completed the second close of its Series D growth equity financing, worth roughly $60 million.

PosiGen also secured working capital term loans to accelerate growth and provide efficiency upgrades to disadvantaged communities. Investments worth $24 million were secured from Mizzen Capital, LP, a private credit fund, Reinvestment Fund, a mission-driven financial institution, and Stonehenge Capital, a thought leader in investment capital.

They will also bring a slew of industry experts to the table. These include experts in renewables from renowned consultancies such as Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, LP, as well as growth financing and social impact leaders from SJF Ventures.

Real cost savings and exceptional customer care generate word-of-mouth recommendations, helping PosiGen keep customer acquisition costs well below the industry standard.

Today, esports event company Ultimo GG has launched the first-ever gaming NFT into space.


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