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The bay

The bay

shipbuilding plant in Kerch, Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation. It is a city-forming enterprise in Kerch and one of the largest shipbuilding enterprises in Eastern Europe

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The bay

shipbuilding plant in Kerch, Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation. It is a city-forming enterprise in Kerch and one of the largest shipbuilding enterprises in Eastern Europe


The shipyard "Bay" has two technological lines for the construction of ships. The plant is known as a builder of military frigates. Until 2014, the plant mainly built hulls of bulk carriers and bulk carriers, carried out orders for drilling platforms and engaged in ship repair. In 2020, he began construction of aircraft carriers for the Russian Navy. It is located on the shore of the Kerch Strait, between two seas — the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, in a bay protected from the east winds. It occupies an area of more than 140 hectares.

Legal name
Shipbuilding plant "Bay" named after B. E. Butoma
Company Operating Status
Email address
Fax number
Founded date
Full address
Tankistov str., 4, Kerch, Republic of Crimea
Legal classification
Number of Employees (ranges)
1,000 – 4,999
Number of employees
Phone number
Stock symbol

July 20, 2020

a solemn ceremony of laying two universal amphibious assault ships of the 23900 project was held at the Gulf plant

June 30, 2017

a solemn ceremony of laying a small hydrographic vessel of the 19910 project was held at the Gulf plant

June 26, 2016

an oxygen workshop was built at the plant, at that time the only one in the Crimea. Capacity — 300 kg per hour, 7,200 kg of pure oxygen per day.

April 24, 2016

the plant commissioned the block of housing workshops No. 1, which has not worked since 2011. With the opening of the block, the plant acquired an additional area of production capacity of 21,000 m2. with all the necessary machine tools and lifting equipment with a lifting capacity of up to 100 tons

December 9, 2015

a solemn ceremony was held at the Gulf plant to lay a commemorative plaque at the base of the future search and rescue vessel of the A-163 project, which will be built at the plant

September 2014

the plant has a fully loaded production program "Gulf".

July 2013

The plant signed an agreement to purchase the Norwegian shipyards Fosen and BMV, owned by the Norwegian shipbuilding company Bergen Group ASA with the formation of the company NorYards AS.


The plant has completed the construction of the Polarcus Adira vessel commissioned by the Norwegian company Ulstein


The plant signs a contract with Damen Shipyard Bergum and begins construction of a series of 10 7200 DWT container ships.


The plant belongs to Konstantin Zhevago and is part of the AvtoKrAZ HC. This year, production volumes increased 2.3 times — to UAH 125.9 million; net income from sales decreased 1.9 times — to UAH 55.59 million, net loss — nine times, to UAH 2.2 million.

June 2005

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has allowed Fort Asset Management Ltd (Great Britain) to acquire a block of shares of JSC Shipbuilding Plant "Gulf" in an amount that ensures an excess of 50% of votes in the issuer's supreme management body.


The volume of production of the enterprise increased by 10% to UAH 90.54 million, the volume of export deliveries reached 89.8% of the total sales volume, and the use of the plant's capacity increased to 35.1 %


the plant was privatized, and the controlling stake in the company was acquired by Brinkford CJSC


the plant is given the name of JSC "Shipbuilding Plant "Bay".


The Sevmorput Put into operation

February 20, 1986

The Sevmorput has been launched.

November 2, 1984

the world's first icebreaker-transport vessel with a nuclear power plant — the lighter-container ship "Sevmorput" has been laid.


the firstborn of a new series of Soviet oil tankers, the large—tonnage tanker Pobeda, was launched and launched.


the head order of a series of tankers of the Pobeda type, project 12990, with a displacement of 84,500 tons, is laid in the dry dock.


the plant receives the name Kerch Shipbuilding Plant "Bay" named after B. E. Butoma.


a dry dock is being put into operation.


the construction of a dry dock has begun with the installation of six cranes with a lifting capacity of 80 tons and two with a lifting capacity of 320 tons, the second block of hull workshops. With the start of construction of the head tanker "Kerch", the plant begins the construction of tankers with a displacement of 22 thousand tons with separate launching of the bow and stern parts of the vessel, followed by docking of the hull afloat.


the plant was given the name Kerch Shipbuilding Plant "Bay"


a radical reconstruction of the existing facilities and the construction of a large shipbuilding complex based on them has begun in order to implement plans for the construction of a large-tonnage fleet.

March 30, 1964

the head oil tanker "Baskunchak" with a displacement of 2850 tons was commissioned, which gave rise to oil tanker construction


the company is putting into operation the first block of hull workshops with complex mechanized lines, a new slipway equipped with cranes from 16 to 80 tons with a slip carrying capacity of 2 thousand tons.


the plant has started a program of construction of fishing boats.


the mechanical, trubomednitsky workshop, the completion embankment came into operation


the plant returned to production and began to fulfill the first post-war orders: the construction of non-self-propelled dry cargo barges with a capacity of 250 tons and ground-draining scows. In parallel, work was carried out to restore the factory workshops.


the number of employees at the plant was about 100 people, including 12 Communists, 44 Komsomol members.

April 1944

after the liberation of Kerch from the Nazi invaders, the restoration of the plant and workers' settlements began.

November 1941

the plant was evacuated to Tyumen and Perm


received the name Shipbuilding Plant No. 532


Kerch Shipyard was founded as Kamysh-Burunsky Ship Repair and Shipbuilding Plant
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 The bay

shipbuilding plant in Kerch, Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation. It is a city-forming enterprise in Kerch and one of the largest shipbuilding enterprises in Eastern Europe

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