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Cryptocurrency company developing a quantum secure decentralised network for crypotocurrency and blockchain networks.

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temtum was founded by Dragon Infosec CTO Richard Dennis, working with his global team of cybersecurity and cryptography experts, Dr Gareth Owenson, Ginger Saltos and Cintya Aguirre. Together they set out to resolve issues inherent in peer-to-peer networks, starting with TorTor and Open Bazaar, and finally Bitcoin, before developing a new technology that can be used by and integrated with mainstream payment networks for and by ordinary people. Richard took theoretical mathematics and academic research and developed it into a blockchain technology known as Temporal, owned by Dragon Infosec and perpetually licensed to temtum. Temporal has been independently tested (BSI) and deployed into a live working network, providing the foundations for a fast, secure, highly scalable and environmentally conscious payment coin – temtum.

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