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Tegria is a Seattle-based healthcare consulting and technology services company.

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The company's products address healthcare’s complex and evolving data needs with robust, scalable solutions. The products are Cloud Core, Rules Platform, Alphalytics, KenSci, Lumedic, and QuiviQ.

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Patient experience

Tegria's patient experience services enable data-driven decision-making, proactive patient outreach, and virtual care experiences that empower patients and healthcare organizations with the tools and technology for meaningful, manageable patient-centered care. Its dynamic digital engagement tools integrate into EHR platforms and CRM systems, linking patients, clinicians, and administrators with solutions and support. Tegria's patient access services equip patients with tools, processes, and people to centralize services, scale operations, empower self-service, and transform into a virtual healthcare hub within their communities.


Tegria's consulting services deliver strategic, skilled support across medical specialties and technology platforms. This involves services from advisory, community, COVID business recovery, compliance, disaster recovery, specialized staffing, and more.

Data and analytics

The data and analytics teams bring deep expertise in healthcare technology and analytics strategy. With services spanning data engineering, infrastructure, intelligence, reporting, and governance, Tegria elevates one's analytics to reduce waste, increase revenue, and improve care delivery.

Revenue cycle

Through consulting, automation, and scaled end-to-end revenue cycle management, Tegria creates efficiencies, control costs, and builds patient loyalty.

Payer solutions

Tegria's data-driven payer solutions help organizations adapt their business processes and implement solutions to thrive in a changing healthcare landscape. This involves care management, claims and admin systems, payer analytics and insights, and more.

Clinical solutions

Tegria's clinical solutions combine decades of healthcare experience with deep knowledge across major EHR platforms to support clinical and operational advancement.

Managed services

From legacy system managed services to integrated, automated cloud solutions, Tegria's managed services drive operational efficiency and contain costs.

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