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Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh

Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh

Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, writer and blogger. He is the active CEO of Mahmood & Sons, a medicine distributor company.

Early Life

Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh( طیب محمود شیخ) was born August 7, 2003. According to Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh, he started his primary education in Pen school system. Then he went to college in the Punjab Group of College Jhang Campus. After graduating from College he Joined the University of Jhang and completed his studies.

Personal Life

His father Mahmood Ul Hassan is also a Medicine Distributor & Businessman of Jhang. His other family members include Saim Ul Hassan who works in the medical field and Ezan Mahmood Sheikhhis brother, who completed his studies in Akin School in Jhang.

Books Written

Heer & Ranjha (2021) was his first book, written in the year 2021.


August 2003
Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh was born in Jhang City.


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Tayyab Mahmood Sheikh


April 4, 2022

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